Christmas Wish

Subject: Christmas Wish
From: Wish I May
Date: 6 Dec 2017

Lately, christmas tunes are always around... and you always come to mind, my habitual christmas wish. Christmas tunes, sad sad songs, dance songs, love songs, flirty songs, even disney songs...reminds me of you and makes me wish for you.

I knew you've been nearby for a while now, I knew you were there, I knew you are just a call away. However, I chose to sit let you stay let you go. It was not long ago when I vowed to avoid you, blocked you on facebook, deleted previous conversations, decided not to look into your profile. I was doing well...FOR A WHILE, or so I thought.

Fate (or whatever you call it) is really playful, I was doing well..why does it have to tease me?!

Why do you have to be nearby?
Why do you have to be here?
Why did you move so near when I started with my baby steps walking away?! WHY?!

Can you just go? or get close?
I don't want to see you! or can I see you?
11 YEARS!!! 11 years of waiting, OR NOT
11 years, 11 tears..
11 years now, I just can't decide.. whether I want you here <3 or not.

Can you decide for us?
Can you step forward, or back?
Will you be my christmas gift?