To a certain squirrel

Subject: To a certain squirrel
From: A non-squirrel
Date: 4 Dec 2017

Its just another one of those nights since you left me, I am still confused as to how I feel about you. Its funny, the other day I was thinking about all the things you can tell people thats bad about me but when I thought about what I could say about you I was surprised I couldn't think of one thing, I don't know what that means and I honestly don't wanna explore it (too sad). I know you are probably doing great without me your very strong, but I miss you. Its crazy how even today it feels as if you broke up with me yesterday. I think a lot about us I miss your smile, your voice, your smell, your laugh, your everything I hate how cheesy I may sound but its true, I realize a lot of the problems were my fault but then again I don't know. I thought disappearing for a while would be good but it honestly is doing nothing I know you may have looked me up maybe once and saw all my profiles are gone and you may have just assumed I blocked you or something which more than likely angered you ( I miss seeing you mad ) and caused you to further stop caring. I thought once you called but it wasn't you which really made me sad. Most nights I listen to very moody music and pontificate about where it all went wrong. I know you aren't reading this but if on the one in a billion chance you are this letter doesn't come close to telling you everything I want too but then again maybe you don't need to know what I wanna say and maybe its better that way I don't know I'm still very young but this heartache has matured me and I know that in reality I will never see you again and man that sucks but I guess its just a necessary evil. Im in love with you and I do hope to see you again some day - Ekul