Subject: California
From: J Rin
Date: 19 Jul 2020
Make it in America

Dear Cali,

It's is such a shame I am not there with you.I only get to see you in pictures and on TV my heart flatters just at the mention of your name.I am just a teenage girl with a dream of making it in California.People think it's just an imagination some call it a bizarre dream like that one when you dream you are eating ice-cream then you end up eating your matress.To them its probably outrageous but to me it's a burning desire a passion from the depths of my heart.When that day comes I set foot in the grounds of California my love,I wil be more smitten I will cry to my very last drop because California keeps me going keeps me dreaming keeps me hoping.Eventhough I might be worlds apart I'll climb every mountain I'll swim every ocean just to be there I can't wait I can feel it in my blood in my soul no matter the years no matter the time it doesn't matter even after eternity my soul will still long for Carlifornia and my spirit will always be in California...oh Cali and that is the power of a dream and mine is California.