Break The Cycle Of Homelessness - letter to the CEO of Starbucks

Subject: Break The Cycle Of Homelessness - letter to the CEO of Starbucks
From: Louie Wood and Bradie Lewis
Date: 4 Jul 2016

Dear Howard Schultz,

We’re writing from Bucks Ad School in England with an idea to promote Starbucks with a social mission. Starbucks have been so successful in London, that theres probably a store on every high street. This presents you with a great opportunity that no other coffee shop could replicate. London’s streets serve as a place to sleep for about 7,500 people every year, we believe you can support the homeless getting back into work, helping them to afford a place of their own with safety and security.

A major issue preventing homeless people getting a job, is the lack of an address needed when applying. With the great number of address’s you have in London, we propose that stores act as a postal service for homeless people seeking jobs. They would use the store’s address in job applications and check their in-store pigeon holes for returning mail. Facilitating this would greatly improve their chance of getting hired and improving their lives.

If Starbucks were to take on this socially positive stance, helping our society’s most vulnerable, the positive social media coverage would be extensive and begin a new trend of socially aware advertising that people actually care about.

Examples of other ways to promote the campaign can be found on the website below under the title Starbucks and we are anticipating your reply.

Yours Faithfully

Bradie Lewis and Louie Wood