To the boy who told me I was worthless for 12 years

Subject: To the boy who told me I was worthless for 12 years
From: Someone stronger
Date: 12 Nov 2016

Today while checking Facebook I saw you show up in the people I might know area. Your name brought back all these awful feelings. That self loathing and distorted body image I still have as a constant reminder that our paths ever crossed.
Since we were both small children you would taunt me, tell others to ignore me, belittle me, and call me things I'd rather continue to try forgetting. You made me lose hope in the world.
I remember high school when you'd call me ugly every day as I walked by. I remember you joking about raping me to my brother. I remember you making my life hell.
I doubt you remember though. I doubt you care.
But here's the thing... I never gave up like you thought I would. I never stopped being a geek.
Looking at you now I feel sorry for you. I hear people comment on how you've become overweight. How you always were a jerk.

Me, I'm happy now. I have a wonderful partner and daughter. I work hard to erase the damage you did to me. But I'm stronger, and that was because of you. So for that thank you.

But I do wish your memories haunt you. I wish you could feel my pain and the pain of all your victims...

One thing I will not wish is that if you ever are lucky enough to have a child, that they come home in tears because some jerk made them feel like dirt. I would not wish that on anyone.

But if it ever happens I hope the guilt consumes you of knowing you hurt someone the way they hurt your precious child.