To the boy who made me believe again

Subject: To the boy who made me believe again
From: Your honey
Date: 30 Nov 2015

Hi honey!

I wrote this letter for you because I don't have the courage to say this to you in person.

I know we've only known each other for a short time, but in that time you have made me happy.

I remember this "thing" with us started when you first accompanied me to the train station. Yes, I'm calling it a "thing" because we never really had the courage to confirm whatever this is to each other. Then we started texting each other sweet things and sharing our lives to each others. Then we just started calling each other endearments that only the two of us knows.

I'm old enough to know what we've been doing, but the thing is I don't know if you do. We both know that I'm five years older than you. And even though you said it doesn't matter, I still felt like it should matter.

Now, you're leaving to work abroad. And I don't want to hold you back from doing whatever it is you want to do. I know how it felt to be young and be held back by the one person who should been encouraging me. So I won't do that to you!

I just to ask to you a few things before you go.

When you leave, i want you to forget about this "thing" that we have. Not because I don't want to be with you anymore, but because I want you to be free from worrying about me. You're still young and there's still so many more places for you to go and more people for you to meet. You might meet the girl that God has made for you in one of those places. And I don't want to get in the way of that.

When you have your free time abroad, i want you to think of your family instead of thinking about me. Not because i won't miss you, (because i will and already am missing you right now!) but because i don't want you to waste any time or money buying gifts for me. Remember, you're working for your family and your future. Don't worry about me! I have my own job to buy the things that I want. And I want you to know joy of being able to provide for yourself.

When you're feeling lonely, i want you to call your mother instead of calling me. Not because i don't want to talk to you anymore, but because i know you haven't really talked to her for quite some time now. Always remember, there are many girls out there in the world, but you only have one family who never leave you.

I know I don't really have any right to say all this things to you. But everthing i've said to you are true. You might say that what I'm asking for is too much and so hard to do. But just know that letting you go is much more harder for me. Because i'm already starting to care about you. Not just as friend! But as a man that i want to be with.

I always thought that i would never find another man who can make me believe in love again. But then i met this boy...

With the way you act and the way you take on life, i know you no longer feel like a boy. And everytime i see you, i see the man you are going to be. In the six months that you will be gone, please don't ever change. Just change to be better.

And if after six months and we still feel the same about each other, then i want us to try and do this "thing" again. Maybe by that time, we're both ready to admit our true feelings for each other. For now, let us just believe that if this is God's will, then it will be.

So until we meet again Honey. I won't promise you anything and I'm not gonna ask you to promise me anything. We just have to wait and see if things will grow and bloom.

See you six months Honey! Take care of yourself and never ever forget to pray to God everyday.

God bless! Bon voyage!