The boy who did me wrong

Subject: The boy who did me wrong
Date: 20 Feb 2017

How could you? How could you tell me you love me, and that you care about me, but just leave? Just like that. You couldn't even wait 2 hours before talking to another girl. You're a fucking player. 3 strikes I'm out. I sacrificed 2 friendships for you! You promised you weren't leaving...everytime...and everytime you leave, you come back, and my dumb ass takes you Why? Because I loved you so much it hurts! How can you tell a girl you love them, look them in they eyes….kiss them…and not mean any of it. If you truly meant it, you wouldn’t fuck me over every godddamn time! I told you if you did it again I was done, guess what? I’m fucking done! Do you even remember the date we first started talking? Probably not…February 27, 2016…I thought I found the one I’d marry,,,,I thought we’d make beautiful kids…I knew you’d always come back, so I waited…Why? Because I fucking LOVE YOU! Now where are we? You? Your probably trying to find your next victim. Me? I’m trying to pick up the pieces..For the 3rd fucking time, I wanna know how you can tell multiple females you love them, that your not going to leave, but you truly don’t give a damn about them. The feelings I have for you are not going to disappear, and I will still love you. I do not know how long it will take for me to get over you again..But I think I can do it…again.. And I can promise you I’m NOT coming back. I want so bad to just forget about you, but I can’t. There will always be a place in my heart for you, and I will always love you, but you tore me apart! I hope your happy now…