To The Boy Who Calls Himself Stupid

Subject: To The Boy Who Calls Himself Stupid
Date: 15 Apr 2016

Every night, I miss you. Every day, every passing moment, I miss you. You are always in my mind and I really cannot get you out of it. It seems like you live in the depths of me. You are inhabiting me.

But that was the last time.

I swore to myself that I will never think of you. It was hard but through Him, I eventually succeeded.

Even though you are happy now, I want to thank you for making me happy on the days I felt down.

Thank you for teaching me the real meaning of friendship. Thank you for telling that to my face. Thank you for treating me like a friend, because I am your friend and that will never change. Even if I have fallen for you, I am still a friend.

You wanted something from me that I could never give. You wanted my virginity.

You told me all those sweet words and I fell for you. You only told me those because you want me. You want my body.

But I am more than that. I will never surrender my virginity to a boy who calls himself stupid. I am more worth than that.

Thank you, though, because you realized that you are stupid.

But you are not stupid, you are a jerk. I forgive you, but I will never forget what you did to me.

You killed me and you have managed to get away with murder.

I just hope all things will be better.