Black supporters for Donald Trump

Subject: Black supporters for Donald Trump
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 27 Aug 2019

I have to get this off my chest for all of you African Americans Donald Trump supporters that him you're the most ignorant people that I have ever heard of to support all this racism that come off the mouth of Donald Trump & his administration /campaign! You don't see that this (SOB) is using your ignorant ass just to win over votes it's plain as day & the fact He not paying you Dumb asses no money for helping him to get votes from blacks! He has Fox news use you to speak on his behalf on how he turn around the unemployment for blacks in which he didn't it was done by President Barack Obama yet still the assholes of Fox News is still promoting his farce of accomplishments to their voters that he done more for African American than anyone else it which I take exception to that point because personally he hasn't done a damn thing except attack minorities whether in the house of congress Professional players etc! So if you dumb asses as well the ( SOB) at Fox News want to promote his propaganda accomplishments when it comes to Blacks that's on you but, I'm hear to say it want work when it comes to election 2020 hopefully the election results will come in favor to the American voters instead of billionaire donors etc you Trump supporters F***** all of you piece of S****