Big Bad Wolf

Subject: Big Bad Wolf
From: Blue Eyes
Date: 29 Nov 2017

When I was a little girl, I was so trusting. I didn't think anyone would hurt me because why would anyone want to hurt me? I was so sweet, and cute, to hurt. I guess my sweetness, and cuteness is what made your crime so easy. I was so young, and you were a grown man. You were so inviting with your charm, with the way you listened to me, and how you made me believe you cared about me.
I was so young, and naive. I told you I loved you because you understood me on a level no one else could. You understand my darkest moments, and I made me believe that there is so much light I haven't seen. I told you I loved you because you were like an older brother. That wasn't good enough. You wanted more. You wanted more of my love. How could I give you love, when I was too young to understand the meaning of love? I only knew how to love puppies because they were cute. I didn't know how to love a grown man.
You were like the big bad wolf because you saw me coming when I was walking in the forest with my basket of goodies, and my heart on my sleeve. You made me believe that you weren't a bad man. You brainwashed me into thinking that no one else could ever love me as much as you did, and once you reeled me in, you hand me in the palm of your hands (literally). You touched part of my heart that I never knew existed. You gave me a taste of the forbidden fruit, and touched me in places I didn't know existed. Didn't matter to you how exposed and dirty I felt because you would make up for it by saying, "I love you" after every tainted touch.
You hurt me every time I saw you with your girlfriend. You hurt my adolescent self-esteem because I felt unworthy to be yours. She was woman, and I was just a young, stupid girl with bad acne. I felt worthless. I felt ugly because I wasn't her. I hurt myself because I didn't have your attention anymore.
Until one day with I grew out of all the bad acne, I realized how you brainwashed me. You took advantage of me, and my innocence. How dare you. Shame on you.
As I got older I blamed myself so much for all those times you violated me. I blamed myself for not being good enough. It took me years to realize that I am not to blame for what you did to me. I was a young girl, and you bullied me in the worst way. Instead of coming to you for help, you used my weaknesses against me. I didn't want to see the wrong you did to me because I blamed myself for the wrong I did. I could have stopped you. I could have ratted you out, but I didn't because you took advantage of my pure heart.
Now I'm grown up now, and I reflect on all those time you violated me, and I don't wish any ill will to you. I won't seek revenge because when your world ends, you will have to answer to God as to why you tainted one of his children.