Bias in the School System- To the Texas Education System

Subject: Bias in the School System- To the Texas Education System
From: Daisy Prince
Date: 19 May 2020

Hello, my name is Daisy Prince and I am currently being brainwashed. I am Junior at Lamar High School, one of the many apart of the Houston Independent School District. I am sure you are aware of how pertinent bias is in our society, but I am one to witness this bias daily; the bias in our education system, and in my fellow peers’ minds. I am currently in US History class, and we have not once covered the American Revolution, in any form or fashion. In fact, the class curriculum started after this, and instead of covering the founding of our country in-depth, we are covering FDR’s new deal and all new organizations.

In my 9th English class, I received a fill in the blank quiz telling me that communism would be great if blank worked. In my Theory of Knowledge class, a class required by my school’s IB curriculum gave me the following video to watch; I encourage you to watch all of it.

I personally believe that school is meant to educate, and not indoctrinate, whether it be from the democratic or the republican side, the liberal or conservative, or the communist or the capitalist side. Part of raising our future leaders is letting them develop their own ideas, but it is hard for me to draw my own conclusion on events because I have force-fed this information.

I have many other examples to show proof of this issue, and if I receive a reply, I will be happy to show every resource I can find. Unfortunately, I do not have access to my AP World History textbook, one that states Hunter and Gatherers had a much healthier, happier life than agricultural societies, even though most died at 30.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that we can raise the educational standard together!