Bad luck person

Subject: Bad luck person
Date: 21 Mar 2022

I was born bad luck. I should not be born in this beautiful world, very unlucky to be me. I am sorry to my parents, my brother, and to my friends. I am sorry I was born to be a bad luck to your lives. I wish I could do everything that will make everyone happy and lucky.

To my mom, I am sorry because I was burden to your life especially when Dad die. I am a thorn that makes your life very painful. You did everything and make sacrifices just fo me and I am sorry for that. I am very sorry because at my age 24, I wasn't able to make your life very comfortable and happy. I know everything I do is not that much to make you proud and happy because I am not like a daughter that you see like others do to their parents. You always tell me that you are very unlucky to have me in your life, I am stupid, and no direction in life. I did everything that will make you proud and happy but still it is not that much. If I can talk to God I will tell him that I should be the one who die in pain not my dad because if my dad is alive everything is not miserable.

I will accept all the hurtful words and miserable life because I am a bad lucky person. I am sorry I am not perfect. I am sorry I was born. All I want to say to everyone that knows me is Thank you. I wish I could die now.