Subject: Audience
Date: 23 Feb 2017

Kindred By Octavia E. Butler
Dear Audience,

When I started reading the book “Kindred” By Octavia E. Butler, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about because knowing that the book is about a black woman I could relate to that because I’m a black woman too, and not just that I also dated someone out of my race before.
It can be hard, even right now. Everything in life is hard but I didn’t think falling in love with someone would’ve been that hard.

It’s not just your parents telling you that it’s weird to date a white person but it’s also your friends and some other random people you don’t know. But like my mom always tell me do whatever that makes you happy. So I went for it and it was great. What I’m trying to say is sometimes you have to be brave and strong in life to be able to accomplish something or everything. Because like I’ve learned everything takes courage.

And my book is about this black woman who’s not only married to a white man in the 70s but she also traveled back in time and got to see what it was like for black people.

Summary: On June 9,1979 it is Dana’s 26 Birthday, She’s a black woman who’s married to a white man name Kevin Franklin, while she’s unpacking dana because they just move to a new house. While taking things out of the boxes dana got dizzy and her surroundings faded away.
When she woke up she saw herself in 1800s in Maryland. Before she could go look around she saw a white boy drowning in a river instead of standing around she jumped in and tried to save him. After she got him out this woman came running to her and started asking questions.

So what I got from this book “kindred” is that you have to be brave in anything you do no matter how easy or hard it is just have courage in yourself and know that you can do anything you imagine no matter your race or gender just have faith in yourself and know that everything happens for a reason.