Attn: Postmaster of Philadelphia, PA, & Postmaster General, Megan Brennan I Have a Complaint

Subject: Attn: Postmaster of Philadelphia, PA, & Postmaster General, Megan Brennan I Have a Complaint
From: Denise Parker
Date: 12 Jan 2017

The reason for my complaint is regarding a matter that began a couple of months ago. I went to the front office of my apartment complex in order to inquire if a parcel I'd been expecting had arrived. When I entered the room where parcels are held, I came across the mailman. The mailman asked me my apartment number and I told him. The mailman then, questioningly, stated my last name. After I confirmed my name the mailman told me that I need to take all of my mail out of my box or he would start returning my mail to sender. I live by myself and have chronic medical conditions that leave me fatigued and in pain; I don't frequently get to my mailbox. On 12/8/16, I went to get the mail from my mailbox and there wasn't any mail inside of the box and the side the mailman inserts the mail through had been completely taped up with postal tape. I used my keys in order to cut through the tape. In an effort to remove all the postal tape I received a deep cut to my left hand; it's good I'm current on my Tetanus vaccination. I wanted to file a complaint because I've never had anything like this happen before. I used to rent a from the local USPS in the city I moved from and because of chronic, intractable pain I didn't get to the post office too frequently. But, if the mail was too much to go inside the box, I'd see a peach-colored form in the box instructing me to come to the front window and pick up my mail. My box was never taped up and I was never told I needed to rent a larger I have sought help to resolve this matter with NBC Investigators and 6ABC Call to Action; no help provided. I went to the nearby office of the US Postal Inspectors and was told that complaints are taken by the Consumer Affairs Department(Tele#215.863.6060 and 215.863.6099). I spoke with someone from the Consumer Affairs Department on 12/9/16, and was give case# CA131058236. On 12/15/16, a woman who stated her name as Ms. Goode called me and stated that she's the supervisor for the post office that has my route. This would be the USPS at 5300 W. Jefferson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19131-9998 (Tele#215.473.2487). Ms. Goode never addressed why the mailman confronted me and stated that he would start returning my mail to sender. Ms. Goode never addressed why the mailman completely taped up my mailbox. Ms. Goode did state she would have the mailman resume my mail delivery. Yet, there wasn't any mail in my mailbox on 12/17/16, when I checked. I next checked my mail around the holiday and there was some mail. When I went through my mail I noticed a duplicate letter/request form from my insurance company. The 1st letter was dated December 1, 2016 and the 2nd letter was dated December 22, 2016. Please keep in mind that on 12/17/16, when I checked my mailbox, no mail. Why wasn't the 1st letter from the insurance company dated December 1, 2016, not in the mailbox? This is important because the insurance company requested the form be returned as soon as possible in order to avoid a lapse in my insurance benefits; which includes medical coverage. Like many people, medical benefits are important because I have chronic medical conditions I'm being treated for. It is infuriating to know that the wanton actions of this mailman can possibly have far-reaching effects on me and my health. Is this mailman going to pay for my healthcare and the related bills should my insurance lapse?This is unprofessional and is something that should have never happened. But, it did happen and I want reassurance that this matter is taken seriously in order to avoid this occurring again to any consumer. Thank you.