ao the ladies who "try" to find love on the Internet

Subject: ao the ladies who "try" to find love on the Internet
Date: 8 May 2016

as I have grown older, I have come to realize the amount of heartbreak a girl must suffer. me being a young girl that used to find love off of websites has broken me to the core, but has also made me a better person. if I didn't have the websites, I would not be the same person, I would be someone who had never experienced love.
now that I have gotten older and have become to realize what dating websites can do to you, I find myself in even more trouble, I find myself being heartbroken even more. the men that I have given my all too and suffered so much time for are no longer in my life and have moved on. seeing the occasional guy that I thought I was in love a year or so ago on Facebook, and seeing that they have moved on and that they have found love still kills me to this day. seeing things like this has made me suffer so and causes me to experience a great deal of pain.
in my years of dating by the web, I met one man (Michael) who changed my life forever and whom I will never forget, but this man still hasn't loved me the same. this particular man has found himself on these dating websites for lust rather than love all to just play a little game. he so kindly states to every girl that he is "tired of the games" and "wants to find love".... well, love was staring at you straight in the face but somehow you were still able to look on at better places. after this man left me, I began talking to men again, trying to reach the same love that I could out of my previous love.
I still have never found the same love to this day and it makes me frustrated. when I scroll through Facebook and I see the names of the guys that used to hold me and care for me and I see they have found their "Michael", I cry to myself...because, what if one day I scroll through and I see that man who stole my heart, with a woman who stole then, if someone else has not come along, I know I will be broken.