American Terrorism At Home

Subject: American Terrorism At Home
From: Nicolas de la Forge, Ph.D.
Date: 8 May 2022


In late 2016, what looked like a small plane – but turned out deceptively to be a remote control unmanned aerial vehicle, flying just a few feet above me, and coming to almost a standstill in the air, released a pesticide right on top of me (I knew this by the odor that enveloped me like a cloud). This happened a second time a few weeks later. I reported the attacks to various Officials, appealed to a number of human rights organizations - none could comprehend the urgency of my communication.

But in September 2019, a team of researchers at McGill, in Canada, found that neurotoxins contained in pesticides impeded the enzyme Cholinesterase required for the functioning of the nervous system. The traumas that the researchers were investigating were the Diplomats of the so-called 'Havana Syndrome' and their traumas matched mine (traumas, here, as distinct from 'symptoms' in that they are the result of an external cause/ attack). At that time Havana was under heavy pesticide treatment and thus both the U.S. and Canadian Diplomats were exposed to the neurotoxins and experienced damage to the nervous system. The same circumstances prevailed in China some time later. This study provided further evidence that pesticides had been dropped on me. In my case, however, the pesticides were delivered deliberately, to maim or kill me.

As reported to my neurologist, the attack and exposure to pesticides resulted in the following traumas: (a partial list): migraine; visual impairment/ blinding sensitivity to light; tinnitus, dizziness, episodes of total loss of balance; brain fog, vertigo.
It is clear that only Governments possess and have at their disposal such sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles and the possibility to track a person so accurately, and further, to deliver the poison.

One day in late 2020 I saw a drone like no other. I was walking in a forested area when a drone, brilliant as a star, the size of a small plane, but unintelligible in shape, appeared in a clearing. It made a sound, as if the rushing of waters. Then, the sound stopped and so did the drone! It stopped: it was stationary in the sky! It remained stationary for some time. Then the 'rushing of waters' returned and it moved forward. The shape of it looked strange - I had never seen anything like it before. I knew that it was showing itself to me. In other words, it saw me (as in face recognition) and was saying ‘we did it’. I conducted some research on it and found that there was possibly a relation between this drone and what occurred to me two years prior: a disrupting of the neural network of the brain (a short- circuiting of the synaptic network: the elimination of consciousness).

We finally have confirmation that High- Power Microwave Weapons exist as P. Trump wanted to use them against refugees massing at the U.S. - Mexico border.
'The New York Times reports top officials with the Department of Homeland Security in 2018 suggested deploying to the U.S.-Mexico border a so-called “heat ray” designed by the military to make people’s skin feel as if it’s burning when they are within range of the weapon’s invisible beams. The disturbing suggestion reportedly came two weeks before the 2018 midterm election as President Trump pushed for extreme action to stop a caravan of thousands of refugees, mostly from Central America, from coming to the U.S.'
The "HEAT RAY" is a high-power microwave weapon.
The National Security Agency confirms that there is intelligence information from 2012 associating a hostile country with a high-powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate, or kill an enemy over time and without leaving evidence. The 2012 intelligence information indicated that this weapon is designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system.
In August 2018, with no knowledge of the above information, I indicated being pulsed by a high-powered microwave system weapon and I experienced ‘blackout’.

To describe the event: if you spin/ whirl your body like a Dervish and then stop, your mind continues to spin/ whirl; well, in the attack, my mind was taken by such a spin/ whirl, but one of unimaginable suddenness and violence; the whirl velocity could have been a thousand miles per second; the mind whirled to the right and I was ‘gone’. No medical explanation exists for such an event, none was found. I went unconscious for just enough time where my knee almost hit the pavement as I began to fall, but regained myself before I hit the ground, this fraction of a second, probably the duration of the attack.

I may have been struck again more recently, March 28, 2019, as my skull literally seemed to ‘crackle’ and blood rushed like a flood into my temples. The crackling lasted for a few minutes.
As reported to my neurologist, this exposure to high-powered microwave system weapons have resulted in the following traumas: (a partial list): burning across the skull, migraine; visual impairment/ blinding sensitivity to light; tinnitus, dizziness, episodes of total loss of balance; brain fog, vertigo.
It has to be said that the traumas caused by the pesticide attacks and the deliberate exposure to the Heat Ray, overlap, as they both intend to damage the nervous system. Thus, my traumas might be at slight variance with the Havana Syndrome.

When I was struck by the Heat Ray, I experienced a blackout (for a brief moment) probably the brief duration of the attack – and I later found out that these pulses can be emitted for one thousand of a second… This corroborates my evidence on the brevity of the duration of the blackout… I can state with certainty that this is when I begin to experience the ‘burning across my skull.’ Heat is the essential sure sign element of the Heat Ray.

Proof of Heat Ray Attack
One early morning in June 2019, sleeping in my bed near the balcony, I awakened from a volcano erupting inside me. This paralyzed me. It lasted one second: this is extremely relevant and PROVES that it was an external attack. Digestive distress does not last one second. Nothing came up, to suggest some digestive distress. I was not in any distress before the attack that evening, and not when I woke up in the night around 3 AM, not at any time. Now, early morning, there was this lava- scalding of my intestines. Nothing this savage was ever experienced by me before. It was other-worldly. That is to say, not existing in the body; something more brutal, unknown to the body. Something extraneous, not familiar with bodily processes. I was lying, paralyzed, unable to assimilate the experience. Later I thought that should it happen again, I would run out to the balcony and jump to my death. That indicates the intensity of the scalding.

I became fully convinced that HP Microwaves were used against me on the morning of September 15th, 2019, while sleeping. I was asleep when I was startled by some sort of burst of energy – like a tap on my head. Awakening, I ducked instinctively away from the direction of the tap, so as to evade it. There was not the slightest doubt that this was something coming from outside of my body. It tapped me again. I did not know what it was, of course. But sometime later, someone informed me that such a weapon existed – and she called it ‘the touch of ghost’. Soon after, another person informed me that the weapon was called ‘MIR’: a concentrated burst of microwave energy. A micropower impulse radar or radio-wave energy burst. This was my final proof of Heat Ray activity being used – not the slightest doubt is possible. I do not think that anything changed as far as my physical condition is concerned from the MIR attack. It was probably directed to yet ‘attain’ to me personally, to my body, my psyche – like ‘we can touch you’. Psychological torture- invasion of the body.

A thought occurs to me, perhaps whimsical given our normal thinking, but not where savage men operate: with the Heat Ray/ EM Fields now in place, and the next generation of them, the more and the better of them, the next step that these criminals out of their minds will be tempted to take, suddenly, without anyone noticing, humanity is left without mind; humanity has left reality, a total black-out of consciousness! Just as I was blacked out. But permanently! It is laughable until it happens. An eternal night falls on human consciousness and no one knows it but the monsters. No one is left to be conscious but the criminally insane who dared do this.

It has to be grasped that the Patriot Act was at the origin of what I am here describing, surveillance, tracking, psychological torture and assault. Initially, Islamist were targeted but then others, the anti- war movement, holistic thinkers, environmentalists, anyone who showed up in some way. A huge part of their effort was to break down the connection between the people and their political representatives and punish whistle-blowers.

So, the U.S. security state developed an ideological mission, passed a sort of an 'Enabling Act', to 'secure' the nation. However, this ‘securing’ did not announce itself, nor openly confronted democracy.

Nevertheless, its position with regards to the U.S. democracy & constitution might be read this way:

'In addition to procedures prescribed by democracy & the constitution, laws of the security state may also be enacted by the security state'.

You see their power. It is astonishing.

Thus came, into full power, the 'policing of freedom', which became a veritable selection process designed to purge or annul every philosophical, social and political movement to the end. The commitment was Total and today involves sectors of the military, Federal agents, law enforcement, mercenary contractors, prison guards - every branch that wears a uniform in a position of authority and none is excluded. None can be excluded if the security state is to succeed, that is, attain to its Totality. It must aim for its Total Attainment.

In the 60's, the idea of the continuity of power became a key element in the policing of freedom, to protect the composition of power - Big Business & Empire and now the Security State itself. And thus, punishment of those who do not submit to the policing of freedom.

As the Black and Native American movements before them, the peace and anti- war movements were purged and dispossessed by the deployment of an extreme form of 'organized stalking' across the U.S. prior to the Gulf War (2003) primarily by former Marines; the holistic movement was similarly attacked and dispersed across a number of States; Occupy Wall Street: the FBI were prepared to murder the leaders but managed to purge the movement before acting on the murders; the environmental movement took a massive hit just before COVID: leaders were being stalked, photographed, mobbed, set up in staged car accidents.

In 2015, I visited a few houses called 'Catholic Worker' (a former peace activist group, long purged of almost all activity) in a number of locations across the US and when I temporarily moved to Provo, Utah, military helicopters began to stalk me through the streets. At night two helicopters would fly side by side, level to my top flight apartment, with blinding search lights turned on, illuminating my living room through the large glass window. At the last second they would take on altitude and pass just above the roof of the apartment. They would return the next night. Thus, I attest that the military has infiltrated society and operates as an unsettling intimidation/ harassment program.

When I returned to my hometown on the Olympic Peninsula, State of Washington, in 2016, a veritable torture program was initiated and deployed against me. I had been warned by some of the members of the Catholic Worker that they were under surveillance, in fear of what might happen next. The Catholic Worker groups were intimidated and harassed, and nearly all had abandoned peace- making activities and concentrated on the running of soup kitchens. Still, the FBI was disturbed by their existence! And I would soon be placed under psychological stress torture and drone attacks.

Here is the essence of a letter I sent to my local Police Department, describing an incident.
.....On the morning of September 20, 2020, I accessed the Facebook of a guest that appeared on the news program 'Democracy Now', Christian Picciolini. The moment I accessed his Facebook page, to look up his comments on the 'Proud Boys', I had unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft with extremely loud engine noise, grazing the roof of my Condo. This went on for some time.
After the unmanned aerial vehicle and aircraft attacks, I drove to the John Wayne Marina near town where three law enforcement vehicles were stalking me. (White SUV with large green lettering - possibly Sheriffs or Border Patrol). A plane or an unmanned aerial vehicle overhead was stalking me. It felt as if a lynching was about to take place. (Please note that the Sheriff or Border Patrol stalking was coordinated with the unmanned aerial vehicle stalking.)

After some time spent reading at the Marina, driving back home I noticed a blue unmarked SUV parked near one of the three law enforcement vehicles and the two were discussing something. Soon after I passed them, the blue SUV accelerated behind me and drove on my bumper, within inches, and slightly to the side so that I could see him in my rear-view mirror, for half a mile before I turned off the highway to escape him. It is clear that the blue SUV was connected to the law enforcement vehicles (Sheriff or Border Patrol).

There is no doubt that the unmarked blue SUV was trying to run me off the road or create a collision with the opposing traffic.
Can you assign someone to investigate my case, someone you trust?

In response to my letter, the Police Department informed me (with total transparency and honor) who these vehicles belonged to. Especially relevant is the unmarked blue SUV.

Dear Sir:
I received your letter and discussed it with the Chief. While I appreciate your grammar, letter writing style and format without physical evidence I can not assign someone to investigate your case. That said, I may be able to answer some of your questions.
The White SUV with large green letters is most likely United States Border patrol Agents and they frequent the marina. As for the unmarked blue SUV, the Washington State Patrol has a Sergeant that is assigned to this area and drives said vehicle. Both of these vehicle types are official Law Enforcement.
If you feel you are in danger please call 911, it will connect you to our dispatch center and you can tell them what’s going on. We will respond, but due to the global pandemic we may start with a phone call.
John A. Southard
Patrol Sergeant
Sequim Police Department
152 W. Cedar St.
Sequim, WA 98382

Since I did not know that the blue unmarked SUV belonged to law enforcement, but remarked nevertheless that it was connected to the three law enforcement vehicles (which I only identified as having large green letters on them), then this constitutes proof that, indeed, the State Patrol unmarked blue vehicle did try to run me off the road. I could not have fabricated this vehicle, since I did not know it existed. Only by its actual involvement could I have known of an unmarked blue SUV in communication with the Border Patrol vehicles, which then tried to run me off the road.
We see that these involvements form a continuity and involve all manner of Government entities. All of them are working to maim or kill me.

Further, I sent an e-mail to the Chief of the State Patrol and he never responded to me. Such are the conspiracies of power, that he can ignore the criminal action of the blue SUV.

I will here most briefly describe the terrorizing over my home through the years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 where every single day (with the exception of a dozen, at most), unmanned aerial vehicles and small and large engine planes, helicopters and drones, have operated vicious activities above my Condo, to terrorize with their permanent presence and relentless attacks.

The practice that I want to mention involves the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and airplanes as weapons used against me, to create a situation of stress-torture, similar to the Helicopter attacks in Provo but far far more vicious and damaging.

There are a number of variants to this technique of terrorizing. None can imagine its effects on the nervous system. (1) When an unmanned aerial vehicle or airplane or a number of different airplanes make passes over my condo such that it seems that they are just breaking through the roof, every fifteen minutes for the duration of five or six hours. It is unnerving and unsettling, the planes returning again and again to violate the space in which I live, my very home. This practice constitutes a sort of permanent occupation of your space, a sort of imprisonment.
(2) This practice of intrusion or invasion and occupation of my home has a second, more vicious variant. I can only call it 'torture'. This method of torture involves what might be called 'dive-bombing' my home. Here, the unmanned aerial vehicle or airplane is flying at the lowest altitude possible right over the roof of the condo, at huge speed, takes on altitude, makes a turn and 'dive-bombs' again. On the more extreme days of the attacks, the tensions that build up as the result of this aggression become unsupportable. On Friday August 26th 2016, for example, I estimated 40- 60 passes right on top of the roof of my condo, in rapid succession, every five minutes. The following day, Saturday, was another terrible day of harassment, where a black plane practically scraped the roof of my condo every 15 minutes, for 5 or 6 hours.

In my research, I discovered that a similar practice of stress torture had been practiced at Guantanamo and in the Abu-Ghraib prison, designed to obtain

'The creation of situations that break down the subject’s psyche by over-stimulation of the nervous system”.

The subject’s nervous system cannot sustain such stress and eventually breaks down.

We have to recognize that this torture is taking place in the space where the person lives, in their very home, and that the attacks attain to the person’s very being… One becomes emotionally exhausted, disabled; one becomes ill as a result of the stress. It is clear that they are creating a situation where the victim must flee or commit suicide.

These unmanned aerial vehicles can present a number of the most nerve- damaging engine noises: a powerful buzz; high- pitched sound; a grinding sound; yet others a deep thunder- like sound.
Our home is where we live. It is our place of safety! Though, again, with an astonishing sense of sadism, in the most debased and cowardly way, it is precisely where they batter you. These are like sadistic guards in a concentration camp giving you a daily beating. This is not an account of the Soviet Union or East German reality; this is an account of the American reality.

Over the years these degenerate, debased terrorists have also operated in a different fashion, to induce more of the sense of Total presence- intrusion- occupation of my person and my home, by making a low pass at each event, to mark every occurrence in my life: I wake up in the morning, a plane descends; I turn off the light at night, a plane descends; I open the front door to go out, a plane descends; I return home, get out of my car and walk to my front door, there he is; I turn on my computer, he's here again; a friend arrives to visit me, a plane scrapes the roof of my Condo. Prison, Total Occupation of self-hood. This, repeated thousands of times over 2,000 days.

Every morning for all these years, a very strange and annoying unpleasant noise had awakened me at 5:30 in the morning. I attributed the sound to the big trucks that roll around our parts carrying logs for lumber. But a year ago, an unmanned aerial vehicle came down to where I was standing with a friend, outside my condo, and made that very sound. It had been him all along! I remarked to my friend that this criminal plane had awakened me every morning for nearly 2,000 mornings, with that very same noise and my friend said 'it's not a plane, it's an unmanned aerial vehicle, there's no pilot.' And as the aircraft tilted and turned to the left I saw the cockpit: it was an abbreviated form of it - there was no pilot. It was a small unmarked plane, converted to remote control. These 'planes' or unmanned aerial vehicles were the principle agents of the stress torture, as they appeared through the day, tens of thousands of times - an echo of the drone killings conducted by the American Government in Afghanistan. Different ways of killing people, one in an instant, the other in a slow manner.

Finally, once they damaged me to the point where I had PTSD, they could now fly at the periphery, just make a bit of a sound to trigger my nervous system. In this way, they are undetectable. These are specialist of psychological stress torture.
In desperation, I've written to the Commander of the Naval Air Station on our Peninsula to ask him to help me identify the unmanned aerial vehicles and the terrorism that is here occurring. I did this because as the Unmanned aerial Vehicles and other planes were torturing, big Navy Planes called Growlers were in the sky at the same time! They were part of it. But, in my letter to the Commander of the Navy Base, I did not accuse him, but asked for help.


Commander Arny:
I have to think that you are aware (if not, someone is misinforming you) of the Navy's involvement in nefarious activities on the Olympic Peninsula and the psychological stress torture that has been deployed against me since late 2016. This torture was conducted by the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, small engine and big- engine planes hovering over or making passes just over the roof of my condo, on 300 Sequim Avenue, Sequim, WA, for 2,000 consecutive days. (By unmanned aerial vehicles, I mean what appear to be unmarked small planes converted to remote control.)

These unrelenting attacks - similar to the one deployed against Karen Sullivan, when two helicopters hovered over her home to traumatize her, have had the effect of damaging my nervous system, resulting in P.T.S.D. Ms. Sullivan, a person of great knowledge of local politics, recognized the pilots of the helicopters as being retired Navy pilots and the helicopters as belonging to the Navy.

In addition to Ms. Sullivan's testimony, I know this to be so by the fact that your Growler planes have accompanied unmanned aerial vehicles and small planes in the said attacks. I do not object to the Growler noise, in general, as some people do, I am just indicating their presence in attacks conducted by the unmanned aerial vehicles whose purpose is to impose a regime of relentless psychological stress torture. In other words: your pilots know of them.

In an area dominated by the Navy, it is not possible that all this activity would be taking place with no knowledge of it existing within the Navy establishment.
Further, in late 2016, an unmanned aerial vehicle released pesticide over me with astonishing precision as I was walking from home to the Sequim Library. This happened again a second time a few days later.

Thus, you must see that it is incumbent upon you to disclose to me and to Officials who these unmanned aerial vehicles belong to: their activities can only be classified as acts of terrorism, repeated every day, unrelentingly, aiming to drive the target to suicide or, in the case of the pesticide attacks, to maim or kill. These activities also endangered school children present in the area. Please do not protect these men.

If you do not reveal who is responsible, you are harboring terrorists and condoning terrorist activities and attempted maiming or killing. I can believe that retired Navy pilots can become debased and degraded to this degree, and engage in nefarious activities, but no legitimate Government entity can behave in this way.
Looking at your picture on the Navy website, I saw the face of someone who seemed good and honorable. I hope that you come through for honor as you have the Navy's honor to protect, and I will so expect.

Should you wish to trace my personal history back to any offense that I might have committed, you will find none that are legitimate.
My hope is that I have found a person of honor and that you will help me determine who is involved. Because one has to be profoundly depraved to attack a person's home for 2,000 days (and ongoing). Also, be aware that they know that I have written this letter to you: they broke into my computer long ago.
Best -
Nicolas de la Forge

Needless to say, as with all others, silence is how this great man 'answered'.

Beginning 2021, a new technique was unleashed to supplement the airplane terrorism, with a similar intention, ‘to break down the victim’s nervous system’. This involves motorcycles and trucks with dull heavy motors that penetrate through the walls of a house. In a number of patterns designed to prevent sleep at all hours of the night, a truck or motorcycle parks near the victim’s house and begins to rev up the engine. The home was under attack through the night. Once they 'had' you, they just parked near the windows or walls and idled through the night. A truck arrives and stops near your house, and just lets the engine idle, to reverberate through the house. Every night. Every time the target falls asleep, he is awakened. Sleep is no longer possible. The effectiveness of this terrorism is astonishing. You actually cannot live any longer. You have to openly fight the terrorist or run.

You know the time is near; at times you can’t locate your mind. In the end, even after I identified one of the trucks and found where he lived, the police did nothing. They belonged to one another. They belong to the Selection process. This policing wants to annul your existence. Preferably by setting up the conditions for you to kill yourself. Then they can look innocent. Remember the FBI's letter to M.L.K? 'Kill yourself'.

By 2019, these dregs began to stalk by plane, a friend of mine, just to increase the pressure on me. On one occasion, when my friend went to visit a dying friend, they flew the plane over the dying woman’s house, three times. Can one be more debased? When a funeral party gathered across the street from my condo, and I was in the garden working, they flew over the funeral party, five or six times, I do not remember. None of us can believe such things, our imagination cannot go that far into demented hate or cold Predation.

To mention yet another aspect of their character, on September 11th 2016, they sent to my computer (which they have total access to and manipulate and write in at will) depictions of the most obscene and bestial sexual scenes (a dog penetrating a woman); prior to this shocking intrusion (I did not know such bestiality even existed), I was sent a documentary on ‘corpses that were not found until ten years later’, which is obviously a death threat. Recently another violent despicable sexual scene was sent to my computer, one of ‘domination and submission’ that was profoundly disturbing.
Here we see, in this terror - this application and adaptation of Abu Ghraib torture to society, that the idea is to obtain a Total Occupation of the individual, his home, invasion of his very psyche and to prevent him from living. Not ‘surveillance’, but the permanent presence of entities to occupy your being, your life. To my understanding, this may be the deepest expression of what evil is.)

When my mom was dying, in Palo-Alto, CA, in 2003 (this terrorism began around the Iraq war and the Patriot Act) they were there by her home every time I came yo see her so as to best intrude upon our lives, when mom and I needed time to be together, in our last moments together. They had come to mock her dying. A few months after she died, I went to Mexico, on the orders of my wife, to divert myself for a moment from my despair. One day, while sitting on the beach, one of them appeared from nowhere, showed himself to me and declared: 'F--- your mother'. This was in 2003. He looked like he had accomplished something. He had traveled a thousand miles just to say that. He found meaning in it.

Just before coming to France, I wrote a letter to a number of French leaders, as I feared that I might be killed in transit. I attempted to use other words to describe the general situation. I will send Part 2 in my next e-mail: it describes an earlier phase of psychological terror and assaults 2002- 2006. (A few paragraphs in French, then back to English...)

Cher Monsieur:
Je voudrai vous faire savoir de la tortue que je subi ici aux Etats Unis, et que j’ai peur qu’ une foi en voyage vers la France, on va me tuer ou me faire disparaitre.

Tout a commencé avec le refus de la France de participer à la guerre d’Irak (2003). Comme je ne cachais pas mon adhesion emotionelle et spirituelle a la France, on m’a soumis a une torture psychologique (des technique developee a Abu Ghraib, et modifier pour utilization dans un contexte social). Cela a durer 5 ans, apres lesquels j’ai perdu ma situation et ma femme et moi sonts parti vers d’autre cieux pour echapper au terrorisme.

Ce qui n’a pas amélioré ma situation était que ma petite ville était un centre ‘holistique’ (en Anglais), et même un peu pacifiste, ce qui est mal toléré par les autorités aux Etats Unis (et aussi par les gens très durs qui s’assemble en groupe de politique de la 'Droite'.)
En 2015, j’ai participé à un travail de deux semaines avec un groupe Catholique pacifiste, et après cela, un veritable tsunami de torture psychologique a etait initie contre moi, y compris deux attaques physiques qui etait de visee meurtriere. Donc, je suis en permanence torturé depuis 2001- 2006 et 2015- à 2022, sans un jour de repos en ces périodes.

Pour comprendre comment ce terrorisme existe, il faut penser aux 'blak sites' (en Anglais), car, aux Etats Unis, ils se sonts forme autour des individus, et la torture ideologique et polique travaille la, dans ce trou noir, invisible, a la maniere des black-ops.

Les 'black sites' sonts construits autour des individus dans une société dite 'libre' ou on torture. Je me trouve dans un trou noir pareil. Un ‘black site’ masqué par le ‘normal’ de la Démocratie.

La surveillance annoncée par Snowden n'avait pas pour but d'être innocente! Elle est utilisee au service de la torture (vers un etat de 'Total Surveillance', avec 'face recognition' et autre technologies).

Un nombre de groupes sont organisés vers cette violence, cette forme de 'sélection' - à la hauteur des criminels Chinois (rééducation): le 1%, des secteurs militaire (60,000 militaires supplémenté par militaire en retraite), secteurs du ‘law enforcement’ (en Anglais) et agents Fédéraux et finalement, mercenaire comme BlackWater/ BlackSwan: criminels amoureux de la guerre. Tous non légitime, inconstitutionnel, illégal, black- ops.

Mais la torture psychologique et les 'assaults' (en Anglais) opere dans un trou noir - masquee par la Democratie glorifiee - laquelle se voit, elle. Bon ou mauvais, les mécanismes de la Démocratie sont visibles et rendent obscur le terrorisme.

Ces réseaux ont 'sécurisé' le pays, pour ainsi dire, et on voit une oppression criminelle immense et tourment/ torture secrète (qui s’efface) contre les mouvements philosophiques, sociaux et politiques. L’oppression qui s’articule comme ‘selection’ et emploie la torture, a comme but d'effacer la population de toute décision, et de mettre en marche une sélection contre ceux qui ont des critères différents de la vie, de la pensée, du soi.

Il y a, aussi, depuis Trump, l'idée du terrorism tombée sur les groupes suprémacistes comme The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, 1st Amendment Praetorians, avec les fantasmes de Q et l'insurrection du Janvier 6eme. Cela est bien connu, je n’ai rien à dire la dessus. Proprement nommés ‘domestic terrorists' (en Anglais), ils cherchent la violence suprémaciste et un régime fasciste.

Par contre, les terroristes qui mènent la 'sélection' ne cherchent pas le fascisme, mais plutôt opèrent une tyrannie en dedans la Démocratie. La démocratie leur sert mieux que la dictature. Donc il y a une démocratie et une tyrannie qui fonctionne à divers niveaux. Les deux groupes s'entraident, je suis sûr.

Un example de ce terrorisme qui vient de Guatanamo et de Abu Ghraib, qui pousse vers le suicide: une moto avec moteur lourd arrive devant votre maison chaque 2 heures de la nuit et vous reveille. Dès que vous tombez dans le sommeil, on vous réveille. Vous ne pouvez plus dormir. Une nuit; deux; cents nuits; une année de nuits - une méthode de trorture sensationnelle, américaine. Autrement: un avion ou un ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’ passe juste au dessus de votre toit, chaque 20 minutes, tous les jours. Une année, deux années - depuis 2016 à présent: 365 jours X 6… Les nerfs cédent. L'Amérique inconnue, cachée…

Dans cet example, on voit le but propose par la torture de Abu Ghraib: 'The creation of situations that break down the subject’s psyche by over-stimulation of the nervous system”.

Un mal immense s'est soulevé aux États Unis et il est impossible de communiquer ce mal a vos Sénateurs ou n'importe quelle figure d'autorité. On vous punit pour cela. Et les Sénateurs ne s'en mêlent pas! Vous êtes seuls. La protection n'existe pas!
170,000 personnes (le moindre chiffre) sont ainsi terrorisées. Mais, au contraire des groupes persécutés ethnique, qui habitent une région géographique spécifique, nous sommes parsemés partout aux Etats Unis. Cela aussi donne l'impression qu'il n y a pas de groupe persécuté. Mais nous sommes un groupe persécuté.
Comme ça, si je n’arrive pas en France vers le mois d’Avril et que je ne vous ai pas écrit, je n’existe plus! J’ai ainsi informé plusieurs personnes importantes.

Meilleurs voeux.
Nicolas de la Forge


As I wanted to say, the US is a state that has been 'secured'. This extends to all legal professions and Courts, because the American reality is this: 'In addition to procedures prescribed by democracy & the constitution, laws of the security state may also be enacted by the security state'. Not by the constitution! By the security state! This Enabling Act, the Patriot Act, and other unconstitutional decrees, exert enormous power on the entire system, and none dare challenge them. I know since I appealed to my Senators and representatives, to the Prosecuting Attorney of my County, the police, and the U.S. Attorney General, and none dared to help me. The policing powers prevailed and continued to deploy psychological torture and assault. (I have many documents, but I'd need help with it, I'm too battered to do it on my own).

Before I speak to how the terrorism began, here are a few passages of how others see it. Then I will describe the invasion and terror of Napa Valley, California, USA (2002 - 2006)


The Situation of Tortured individuals in the United States of America: America's Program of Torture against Humanity : a briefest possible account.

----- “Targeted Individual” refers to Ideological Hate Crimes that are being orchestrated and conducted by the CIA, Air Force, FBI, DHS; globally affecting some one million people and their families.
A Targeted Individual is someone that has been selected by a special sector of the military or a Federal Agency to a program designed to break down the individual and “neutralize the person,” using psychological, physical, and emotional stress- torture or direct assault, attempted killing or maiming. It involves some 3 million actors. The ultimate goal of this program is to control the entire global population. Political activists and whistle-blowers, peace- makers, a number of naturalized citizens, and others (all who have questioned the direction taken by Big Business and Empire) are the main targets. Family and spousal relationships are also targeted (as, previously, in the Soviet Union).
These Hate Crimes are a violation of fundamental human rights, International Treaties & the U.S. Constitution. For Air Force & CIA officers – it is an act of TREASON. The program is designed to harass, intimidate, and break down the targeted person's nervous system (as practiced in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib). The FBI outsources much of the local harassment to community groups, such as Infragard, Citizen Corp, Neighborhood Watch, mercenary contractors and similar programs. Targeted Individuals are placed on lists and tracked as “Non-Investigative Subjects,” so that local police and sheriffs will offer no assistance to them when the victim asks for protection. (As such, the police plays a major role in the torture.) (They are called 'non- investigative' subjects because there is nothing to investigate: they are innocent and have never broken any laws, nor are seen as dangerous in any way.)
The CIA and Air Force operate a Weapons Program through the underground complex at Schriever's Air Force Base that operates high-power magnetrons to beam targets which causes long-term brain damage via white matter deterioration. In Houston, Texas, some of the MQ9 Reaper drones are parked in hangars at Ellington Air Force Base, and these are used against civilians as part of the same Weapons Program.

Many targets are psychologically destroyed by the use of daily stalking and sleep deprivation.

All of this is stated by Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief.
Medical Doctors and Government Scientists have confirmed that the Targeted Individual Program is real, including former CIA and FBI agents. Sworn affidavits from FBI agents, Ted Gunderson and Geral Sosbee, are part of this evidence. These Unconstitutional acts are considered Crimes Against Humanity (“systematic attack against a civilian population”) and a War Crime (Article 32 of the Geneva Convention). It is estimated that there are about 170,000 to 300, 000 Targeted Individuals in the U.S., and that it costs more than $1MM per person per year, to operate the program."

--- "The Patriot Act reaches far beyond terrorism prevention. In my home state of Maryland, State Police invoked the Patriot Act to run surveillance on the Chesapeake Climate Action Network dedicated to wind power, recycling and protection of the Chesapeake Bay. They infiltrated the DC Anti War Network and Amnesty International, claiming to investigate "civil rights abuses." Opponents of the death penalty also got targeted.

Truth tellers who give Americans too much insight are vulnerable to an arsenal of judicial weapons typical of China or Myanmar. In the Patriot Act, the government has created a powerful tool to hunt out free thinking on the left or right. Anyone who opposes government policy is at risk." (FBI Intelligence Officer)

--- "In a completely original analysis, prize-winning historian Alfred W. McCoy explores America’s rise as a world power—from the 1890s through the Cold War—and its bid to extend its hegemony deep into the twenty-first century through a fusion of cyberwar, space warfare, trade pacts, and military alliances. McCoy then analyzes the marquee instruments of US hegemony—covert intervention, client elites, psychological torture, and worldwide surveillance and targeting."

--- "The United States of America is an Empire which has squandered its moral capital by promoting wide-scale torture and mass surveillance…. The American Empire covers all spheres of activity including not just land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace, but also the netherworld of covert operations and torture — a United States as an awesome, conflicted, technologically innovative, routinely atrocious, and ultimately hubristic imperial power.”

The astonishing capacity and practice of American experimentaion/ torture on subjects and merciless killing
Example 1: A detainee at a secret CIA detention site in Afghanistan was used as a living prop to teach trainee interrogators, who lined up to take turns at knocking his head against a plywood wall, leaving him with brain damage, according to a US government report.

The technique of “walling” was approved by the “enhanced interrogation technique” guidelines sent by CIA headquarters. The report noted that the victim was “naked for the proceedings.”
There was no time limit for the “walling” sessions but “typically a session did not last for more than two hours at a time.” They went on for so long because the victim was being used as a teaching prop." (!)

Example 2: Award- Winning journalist Iona Craig learned from the eyewitnesses she interviewed that U.S. forces had tried to storm al Ghayil but had come under fire from villagers who thought Houthi forces were attacking. The U.S. troops called in air support.
The gunships bombarded the entire village, striking more than a dozen buildings, razing stone dwellings where families slept,” Craig reported. At least six women were killed, as were 10 children under the age of 13. “The first to die in the assault was 13-year old Nasser al Dhahab,” Craig wrote. Her account continued:
Nesma al Ameri, an elderly village matriarch who lost four family members in the raid, described how the attack helicopters began firing down on anything that moved. As she recounted the horror of what happened, Sinan tapped her on the arm. “No, no. The bullets were coming from behind,” the 5-year-old insisted, interrupting to demonstrate how he was shot at and his mother gunned down as they ran for their lives. “From here to here,” Sinan said, putting two fingers to the back of his head and drawing an invisible line to illustrate the direction of the bullet exiting her forehead. His mother fell to the ground next to him, still clutching Sinan's baby in her arms. Sinan kept running.

Some of the villagers Craig met on her visit to Al Ghayil were killed weeks later when U.S. aircraft returned to repeatedly bomb and strafe the village over four consecutive nights.

Example 3: Dr. Mengele
The revelatory eyewitness account about Guantánamo Bay—detainees murdered, a secret CIA facility for torture, and the US government cover up—by the Staff Sergeant who felt honor-bound to uncover it.

Staff Sergeant Joe Hickman was a loyal member of the armed forces and a proud American patriot. For twenty years, he worked as a prison guard, a private investigator, and in the military, earning more than twenty commendations and awards. When he re-enlisted after 9/11, he served as a team leader and Sergeant of the Guard in Guantánamo Naval Base. From the moment he arrived at Camp Delta, something was amiss. The prisons were chaotic, detainees were abused, and Hickman uncovered by accident a secret facility he labeled “Camp No.” On June 9, 2006, the night Hickman was on duty, three prisoners died, supposed suicides, and Hickman knew something was seriously wrong. So began his epic search for the truth, an odyssey that would lead him to conclude that the US government was using Guantánamo not just as a prison, but as a training ground for interrogators to test advanced torture techniques that led to the death of the victims.


A detailed account of the terror in Napa Valley beginning 2001
This intrusion upon our lives by way of the invasion and occupation of Napa Valley California, beginning 2001, marks the date of the forming of the Covert Terror Program.

Everyone is electronically under surveillance (NSA), monitored, tracked, camera- monitored, examined- evaluated in every social and business transaction, police- stalked, psychologically ‘read’, and then assaulted. Soon thought signatures will be 'read'. They already see into our homes.

But they also have 'Brigades' on the ground - a mixture of 'retired' this and that, mercenary contractors (war criminals who have been legitimized by the Bush Government, and paid per head of the tormented and tortured) and plain dregs, Wild Men, like the ones who participated in the Insurrection, January 6th. .

In late 2001/ early 2002 a group of such men invaded and occupied the towns of Calistoga and St Helena in Napa Valley, California, where I then resided (this is the time when I began to notice their presence while a number of people had already been brutalized by these men, I later found out, and were making plans to flee the area: to uproot from one’s home was a central feature of this social war). There began all manner of activities to molest people – almost all of whom (those that I knew) were holistic practitioners, a chiropractor, for example, and in addition, one local journalist. In order to understand the nature of their most intense purposes of involvement I quote from the Chinese artists and dissident AI WEI WEI who was imprisoned and tortured by the Chinese government.

‘In 2011 I was kidnapped at the airport, a black hood was put on my head and I was taken to a military base, where I stayed for 81 days. Two military soldiers stood in front of me 24 hours a day, whether I was awake or sleeping, in the bathroom or otherwise every second of the day, and of the night. They stood there always staring at me expressionless and never saying one word’.

This sort of Total Occupation of someone’s space, someone’s psyche, this sort of accosting of one’s body, this sort of incarceration of someone’s being, of someone’s soul – of emptying out of someone’s very self, was what these men who invaded and occupied us were trained to do, and attempted to put into practice but with the difference that they tried to accomplish this terrorism in a way unnoticed, not by kidnapping and detaining (though it is possible that such occurred), but in contexts when we went out to take a walk through the streets of Calistoga or St Helena, to shop for groceries, at the bookstore or library, at the coffee shop, on a nature trail; they also entered our workplaces. They did this sort of ‘accosting’ and ‘attending to’, this sort of occupation of our bodies and minds every day every time we went out.

You knew that they would be there every time you went out. They were the prison. You lived under their gaze, their stalking and their presence right where you were. ‘We're watching you; you cannot escape our gaze or our bodies sticking to your life’. Other activities included trailing us on drives, taking pictures from up-close, gesticulation with obscene signs, intimidating people to force them to remove books from their workplace (as in the chiropractor’s office), infiltration of our meditative groups, death threats, and what I believe to be one or possibly two attempts at either maiming or killing a person.

This terrorism meant to unsettle, disturb, make life unlivable since no safe or livable space existed for it anymore. Though this was pale next to what occurred later, under Trump, it forced people to flee, to abandon their lives, their homes, and resulted in ruined marriages, friendships, businesses. This Occupation remains undocumented.

They also fabricated stories to our neighbors (discrediting is intrinsic to this system) and fabricated evidence to foreign governments to misrepresent us when we traveled abroad! Here, they possibly used the Interpol Red Notice, and fabricated some story. However, none of these governments took them seriously – they knew what was afoot and all but one government of five that I dealt with in my travels dismissed their information (whatever it was). In one case (of the five nations whose spies I encountered), one even offered me shelter and support! I have traveled on a number of occasions across the world since, with no negative consequences.

The terrorism in Napa Valley continued until staying put was no longer possible. The added element of smearing us to our neighbors (they all thought we had done something, because they asked with incredulity, 'how could you have done that?) as much as the gang-stalking unsettled us sufficiently to drive us out of the area.

Another such Occupation - that of Oakland, California, is alluded to in ‘Project Censored: the American Deep State, an interview with Peter Dale Scott’.)

My first encounter with the criminals was with a man in his forties or early fifties, tall and nice looking, distinguished by snow-white hair. It took me a while to recognize that he was there so often, in my environment. Calistoga was a small town and you saw the same people, so my unconscious had registered him before. But one day, he finally stood out, the day that I noticed that his presence was not a mere chance encounter. He had followed me into the local bookstore and had placed himself a few feet away from a book display table. I knew that I had seen him before, but not the context. He had been in my proximity before, but I had not registered it consciously. This time, he had followed me into the bookstore, making sure that I did not see him before he appeared suddenly, as if from nowhere. He placed himself in front of me, across a display table where I was perusing some pages of a book. He waited to be noticed. When he knew that I had noticed him, he began his technique: he cast his gaze in my direction, just past me, to my left, as if he was looking into the distance, but not really, since he was directing his gaze so close to my face, that there was no doubt that he was here for me. His face was expressionless and blank. The thought began to creep into my mind, that he wanted something from me. His eyes then shifted down toward the floor for a second and then back to that same spot, just past me, so near that the slightest shift of his eyes to his left, would have met my eyes. I felt uneasy, but I did not give anything away. He continued the gaze, deliberately avoiding looking at me directly, into my eyes, which created a dark, unsettling impression. I moved to another display table, and when I turned around to see where he was, he was not there! I went around the bookstore looking for him; he had vanished. He had been as an apparition!

The pattern established itself over the next few months. Once, I entered a cafe in town and ordered a Cappuccino. I sat down at a table, and looked up; there he was, at the entrance! He had come from behind me, I had not noticed him. But there he was, materialized from nowhere, again, timing it perfectly. As soon as he knew that I had noticed him, he cast his gaze, looking just past me, avoiding my eyes, trying to create some menacing state. ‘What a subtle criminal’, I thought! Then, I looked down, to my cup, as if nothing was happening, and stirred the sugar in the coffee; when I looked again toward the entrance of the cafe, within a couple of seconds, to the spot where he had stood, there was nobody. A malevolent apparition was he, and it wanted something from me.
This went on for several months; the same creepy situation again and again.

One day, however, I saw him before he could come up from behind to surprise me. He had come to the library, just ahead of me, and I got the number on his license plate (a Durango, # 4YNW986). Armed with this information I went to the police, with a sense of immense relief. He could now be stopped and questioned, and his identity exposed. So I thought. I did not know how the world had turned; it was trickier than what I knew. And so when I told the police of all that had happened in the past months they replied with ‘Are you having problems with your wife?’ I did not immediately comprehend it.

This setback notwithstanding, he was soon off my back. It happened this way. I had arrived impromptu at a Yoga class in town. Five minutes later, he entered the meditation hall. He saw me, but pretended not to recognize me; and I pretended not to know him. I now regret it. But he had the upper hand: the police had dismissed me. He sat down and picked up a newspaper, placing it high in front of his face, pretending to read it but actually concealing his face from me. I hesitated for a moment; and then I left. The problem was: I had no allies. I now began to suspect that the ‘apparition’ was protected – not some isolated individual – and I was alone. Still I could not place him anywhere, and why he would torment me. And I could not even tell my wife, so as not to disturb her psyche! And perhaps out of the fear that she would not believe me!

In spite of his power, he never came behind me again. He could now be identified. He must have registered for the Yoga class. I could talk to the others, and expose him. I later found out that he had a ‘story’, an alibi: he lived in Palm Springs and was in town to house-sit for a friend. I did not tell them that he was doing something more disturbing, but I did not yet precisely know what he was doing. Nevertheless, the apparition vanished as it came, I never saw him again. He now had an identity, and was recognizable by a number of people. I also had his license plate number, as Chief Dick no doubt informed him. This is what I gathered.

My troubles, however, were far from over. Perhaps angered that I dared signal him to the police, and that I did not cower, his people sent nine (9) others to terrorize me. Little did I know that the ‘man with the patch of snow on his head’, as I once described him to the Chief, was just the beginning of it all! They probably wondered how I had kept so cool, and how I was seemingly undisturbed and going about my business. (I was deeply aware of them, of course; but I had to steer my course – what were the alternatives?). The new stalkers worked in pairs, and had a specific spot where they would do ‘the gaze’. Two were assigned to appear at the bookstore, two at the grocery store and so on. But they added a new trick: when possible, when I was walking, they would walk in my direction doing the gaze, walking as if they were coming to confront me directly, with a firm step, but as they reached me they would just graze by and continue walking. It was a more advanced technique of the stationary gaze-and -disappearance technique, and involved coming very close to my person, which added a certain physical threat. On such occasions, I never wavered or changed my course, though they came within inches; I walked past them as if they were not there – indeed as if they were merely apparitions. This was the only survival strategy I could adopt or else collapse emotionally, or react to the provocation, not knowing where it would lead. The demons were better left unacknowledged. (Provocation is an immense part of the way these criminals work repression, and I wonder how many people who commit terrorist acts have been first tormented by such abusers until they ‘struck back’, where they would have done nothing at all if left in peace.)
Over time, I collected more evidence on them and returned to the police. They were not impressed. As if such things could be fabricated…! I began to grasp that the police were in on it, Chief Dick and the rest of them. But I still had no clue as to what they wanted from me.

One day, I looked out my window and saw a jogger. Then another; then the next – a dozen or so, in tracksuits! None belonged to our town; and none were joggers – they were there to intimidate, to hold maneuvers – as the military holds maneuvers or plays war games. There was nothing to spy on – the man with the snow white hair knew that. He must have known everything about me – and all the rest of the townsfolk he had tormented. The jogging went on for several days and then they, too, disappeared. But a few days later, I was driving to a neighboring town (Santa Rosa) when suddenly a helicopter descended right across my car, and a man was pointing at me from the helicopter’s cabin! But this was astonishing. I could not believe that it had happened, the world had gone mad, but as I had no clue as to who they were and why they were thus upon me, I could not contemplate fruitfully. The world had gone mad, and it was beyond me to figure it out.

Then came a time they decided to violate my home. Previously, as a secondary tactic, the ‘apparition’ would park his Durango across my house and watch for me; if I came out to the front yard, he would speed away. Now, one of the stalkers had entered my backyard and just stood there for several minutes until I came out to challenge his presence. At that time I had called on the Mayor of the city, Andrew Alexander, to report on the happenings, thinking that being a Mayor served some protective purpose. I had left a message on his phone and written a letter. He did not respond to me but sent Chief Dick to my house! The latter menaced me in my own home, saying ‘We don’t like anyone sending letters…’ Nevertheless, I was perfectly impervious to him as I was with the others. When I did not collapse, but remained perfectly indifferent to his angered presence, he offered some dubious peace, and became more conciliatory. This did not dissipate the extreme tension because at this point, I was no longer sure if he would not try to kill me, or stuff me into his car and dump me somewhere, and I began to think of ways to defend myself if he attacked me. He had crossed the line: he was no longer a policeman protecting citizens, but on the contrary, a threat (we have seen plenty since, in terms of police killings).

He then went on to pretend to address my grievances doing his best to convince me that I had variations in the story of my (and other’s) persecution – that I had told it differently from one occasion to the next – and that upon examining my explanations closely he had found discrepancies and I had mixed things up. But then, he shifted the conversation to a discussion about his daughter (he knew that I had a son of similar age and tried to link to that), and lost in the conversation, forgetting the scheme, he said, ‘You’re amazing for the accuracy with which you describe people and events.’ (!) I pretended not to hear his acknowledgment, for that would have meant plunging into this entire affair, which I wanted to just pass away from me, and the conversation ended soon after, as he probably realized what he had just said, that it had slipped away from him, that he had given it away, and did he hope that I had not heard it? But now he had admitted, without wanting to, that, unlike his false suggestions, those men were not figments of my imagination, and the Chief knew who they were, for, according to him, I had described them exceedingly well…

I thought that his concession might signal the end of the molestation. Far from it! Following this invasion of my home, the stalkers enlarged their operation, and now began to photograph me: where the gazing had not done its job, maybe this would. They also flipped me off on the street and as they overtook me while I was driving. One of them followed me to a nature trail in Redding California, some 150 miles away from my home. The very next day the same man was waiting for me in front of the Italian Embassy in San Francisco, where I had traveled in the hope of obtaining a visa. This told me that they could always know what I would be doing, where I would be going ahead of time – if I communicated it via phone, internet, or spoken of it in my home. Regardless, they were pressing harder. Were they trying to provoke me by becoming more direct? If I lashed out, they could then say, ‘See, we told you he is evil’ or simply kill me under the pretext of ‘self-defense’. The change in their approach possibly reflected a growing frustration that I had not succumbed to some catastrophic end precipitated by the stress, which was undoubtedly their purpose. I had heard that such an approach had already resulted in the suicide of a man. They were no doubt hoping for a breakdown followed by a suicide. They knew little of my spiritual strength however. I simply dismissed their legitimacy and thus obliterated their power over me. To be sure the stress did huge damage to my health and damaged my marriage and ended all my relationships. It affected me deeply, and brought on physical illness as well.

One particular instance weighed heavily on me: they followed me to my mother’s house when she was dying to disturb me there (September 2003). They knew of my profound love for her and hoped to get me at my most vulnerable, and in my most desolate and unbearable moment (this might tell you of the debased nature of this group). Later, when she died and I traveled to Mexico at the request of my wife who tried to save me from wasting away, a man materialized on the beach where I was sitting and standing close to me said ‘f—- your mother’. Imagine…! I now began to see that these men had viciousness and depravity in them that I had not suspected nor had ever encountered before.

Here, it may be appropriate to mention that Chief Dick was neither the instigator nor in charge of these events. He was probably an unwilling participant. Neither the stalkers nor the joggers were under his command. None lived in our town or served in the police department. I also had a wonderful relationship with a very loving and concerned Officer in the Police Department. But he soon disappeared and was replaced by a scary-looking cop – a brute.

I remember one night when some of the town’s inhabitants gathered to try and resolve the question of the overpopulation of stray cats in Calistoga. We had serious overpopulation, such that when we first came to Calistoga, we inherited two stray cats (and more later, who wandered in). When I arrived at the meeting, I was stunned to see one of the nine stalkers coming out of the meeting, and I hid behind a car. It began to dawn on me that we had been invaded by this bunch, though I had no idea who they belonged to or what they wanted. He was there to check things out no doubt. He was in charge of the world, and would keep track of who frequented such events, and whether these were the ‘right sort’ of people doing the right sort of things. By the angry look on his face and the way he spat on the sidewalk as he came out it was obvious that he had not approved, these were the wrong sort. This, like every other social concern, was inappropriate. Perhaps his solution was more in keeping with his kind, ‘just shoot them’. This stalker (who resembled the lead actor from the television series ‘Third Rock from the Sun’ – though it was not him, rest assured) was the one who was very active in incidents that meant to convey hate and anger – and once came at me in a drugstore as if he was going to finally strike me, his face distorted with rage, hoping no doubt that I would react; I did not. He then walked right behind me so close I could feel his breath; I was awaiting a blow, but I remained calm as if nothing was occurring at all. Had I confronted him, something terrible might have happened. My goal was always to avoid direct confrontation or acknowledge that anything abnormal was occurring.

But then the molestation went international. The group was going to make sure that my life would be unlivable – that the entire world would become a hostile unlivable place. They fabricated some story about me to the Israeli, French, Argentine, Saudi and Indian governments! (I traveled across some of these nations). These nationals proved to be innocent human beings, interested in security but not in conducting Inquisitions or ‘selection’, and they treated me with respect and some offered to help and shelter me!
While at home, I have been confronted by an Israeli, a right winger from Brazil, and a Polish thug who lives in Germany. One stood right in front of me, not more than five feet away, taking pictures of me, so deliberately that no one could ever miss it. The message was clear: we are watching you; and you can do nothing about it. You are a prisoner in our gazes and in our pictures: this is the wall we have put you behind in. You have no one to go to, you have no escape.

Recently some young people told me that as they came out of a church, some men surrounded them and began taking pictures and filming them up-close. They could not explain it. The society is infiltrated by gangsters.

When I initially took notes of these events, I was reluctant to mention a number of episodes (I am still reluctant to speak of a number of others that defy imagination). One story was so bizarre that I felt it would compromise my integrity: I would lose all credibility. People would not accept that such vicious and twisted men existed. I could not explain it. I believe that it was an attempt on my life with the use of chemicals. I feel that they deserve a mention so that the record of what happened is accounted for. It should never be that the victors (the more brutal and criminal) write history. I am writing history here.

My wife and I used to travel to Grass Valley on business and after dropping her off at the office I would go to a specific pizza parlor/ Hamburger Joint – it was a predictable pattern. When I entered the parlor this one time, I saw a man dressed in a sport jacket standing in the middle of the parlor, handing out coupons. There were but a couple of people in the parlor and none preceded me or were behind me in line. Suddenly he said, ‘take one, take one’ as if giving me an order. I looked at the coupons and they were for medium and large size pizza discounts, and I said, ‘I’m getting a small pizza, I can’t use these’. This did not satisfy him and he insisted, ‘No, take one, take one.’ In order to avoid being involved with him further I took one and headed to the bathroom where I threw the coupon into the garbage can. When I came back to the main room of the parlor he was gone. ‘Where did that man go?’ I asked the cashier girl. ‘Don’t know’ she said. I went to check the pictures of all the employees who worked at the parlor and this man was not one of them. That night I had signs of poisoning and I struggled through the night, thinking that I would die.

On another occasion I went to see an ear, nose and throat doctor. The minute he came in I felt his hostility. I explained my problems to him while he remained perfectly indifferent. He then took a spray and sprayed it in my nose, telling me to inhale, presumably to numb the area. He took a quick look and said, ‘there’s nothing that I can do for you’ and left the room. I began to suffocate and fell to my knees, desperate to take a breath. And though I spent a good twenty minutes recovering, no one came into the room again. This is a significant story not because I believe that he tried to kill me, say by overdosing on the administered drug, for it was probably an allergic reaction that made me suffocate, but because of his hostility and refusal to treat me: had the criminals preceded me and fabricated something against me as they had done previously with foreign governments (who turned out to be my friends…)?

Another case that I will mention, because it is so telling, involved a scheme in 2011 when I moved to San Francisco. I was sitting in my car in front of the beautiful Ocean Beach in San Francisco, reading a book, just down the street from my house, when a man with long and disheveled hair parked next to me and crouched down on the front seat so as not to be seen from the exterior. I was involved in my reading and did not immediately react, when suddenly several cars arrived and a dozen men ran out – some in police uniforms, others in plain clothes, with guns in firing position. They surrounded the man’s car and he surrendered peacefully and got out. They led him away and sat him in one of their cars. But suddenly two of these men – policemen in uniforms – pointed their guns on me through the windshield of my car – and held their position for some time. They did not order me out, they did not come to ask any questions, or search my car. In other words there was no reason to do it; it was a threat to instill fear. After having accomplished this threat, they sort of nodded, like ‘see who is in charge, not you; we have the guns.’ They went back toward one of the cars and gathered there in a huddle – the men with the guns and the supposed ‘terrorist’ or ‘criminal’ they had apprehended. This event puzzled me greatly. I got out and walked towards where they had gathered a distance away. I was going to take action this time and challenge them for pointing their guns at me. This was ‘KGB’ or ‘Gestapo’ and I had reached my limit; I had lost all fear. But when I came close enough to where they stood in a circle, the supposed ‘criminal’ and the police/ agents were laughing together, as if to say ‘we pulled it off’. Then the ‘criminal’ went back to his car and departed. I was too taken aback to act – I was sort of paralyzed.

What began to puzzle me now was that they saw me coming to where they were huddling and laughing, but as I came up to them, none looked at me or asked me what I wanted. This was odd; this was not normal that they let me intrude on them, and ignore me at the same time. They had, after all, just gone through some tense moments, apprehending a supposed ‘criminal’ at gunpoint and pointed their guns at me! This told me that the entire operation was staged to damage me further and to silence me. I did not make that determination then, but I have to see it that way now. Why did they not ask, ‘Yes, what do you want here?’ when I approached them. Or told me to leave? When I got myself together a bit, I moved toward one of them with some decisiveness, to question him. But he quickly walked away. There was a deliberate attempt not to ‘see’ me or acknowledge my presence. The disheveled man was part of the set-up. They knew I came here regularly. I was easy to find. Why point their guns at me? Why give a nod as if to convey a message? They then got into their cars with some speed and departed. I stood for a long time, unable to think or do anything.

Similar abuse has been directed against a number of people in my former town, Calistoga, California, some of which I would like to briefly document.

I have been brutalized since the year 2001 and for a number of years, by a group of men unknown to me. In the course of the malicious events which have taken a tremendous psychological toll on me, destroyed my friendships, put stress on my family, damaged my health, and limited my ability to function, and cut me off from the world, I have also been photographed dozens of times, gestured at obscenely, provoked, and attacked by what I think was a chemical substance.

The stalkers have followed me through numerous address changes since that time (I moved from Calistoga directly to escape them). I duly reported these events to the police Chief of my former town of Calistoga, California (where these events began) and eventually to the Mayor of the town, where my complaints were dismissed.
There cannot be any possible error on my part with regards to the violence deployed against me since, as an example, the same man followed me over several months, and the repetitive nature of it indicates stalking and not mere coincidence or innocuous encounters. One man followed me over a hundred miles away from my home town to the city of Redding, California where he materialized on a nature trail where I was walking, creating a threatening situation. The same man then reappeared in San Francisco, where he awaited me in front of the Italian embassy – and then walked to the door of the embassy, walking in front of me and staring at me – so as to assure me that he was on top of all my movements – one day after the Redding encounter. This cannot be mere coincidence especially as he was not involved in any activity (such as needing embassy services). This was an encounter where the technique of ‘the gaze’ had been abandoned and they actually approached me and stared right at me, and on two occasions obstructed my path, and taunted me with menacing expressions and grunts. In the Italian Embassy episode, they were now openly saying, ‘we are in your life; occupying it; you must live with us in it.’ A terrible situation: a suggestion of absolute domination.
Interestingly, they never actually spoke words, but for the curse uttered on the beach in Mexico. This is to the point because Chief Dick once asked me: ‘Did any of these men ever threaten to kill you’? I had to say ‘no’ (even though they were trying to do so, no doubt about it). He replied, ‘Then what am I supposed to do about it?’ When I asked him about stalking, he told me that it was ‘legal’. There was no action that he could take. Of course, they were trying to get me to kill myself by invading my existence, my very being. Their actions were far more effective than mere threats would have been and the threats would have been legally addressed by the police, while their occupation of my being was not!

The point to note is that the stalking was in no sense conducted ‘secretly’ or in a veiled manner, but, on the contrary, deliberately designed to make me notice, to bring into my awareness the idea that I am being stalked, and so to disturb me, and to put my nervous system under enormous stress.

There is absolutely no reason that any kind of official investigation of me could have taken place. For, any case of official investigation would be secret, not obvious, so that the person being investigated would commit and be caught in some act that the authorities are seeking to intercept or reprimand. There is nothing of the sort in my case: the ‘surveillance’ is intended to be discovered, to then instill fear and anxiety; to stifle thought and freedom; there is no investigation, but terrorism. There is here, an ideological and political commitment. (The same goes for all the individuals that got roughly the same treatment in Calistoga and St Helena, in Napa Valley).

Over the years, I began to piece things together, and a certain pattern developed. I found out that the men who were stalking me were attending various holistic establishments in the area, and a chiropractor’s office (a dear friend of mine at the time, Dr. John Steigerwald); I believe that they were not only spying and making lists but supervising in a manner as to crush us and shut down our lives. The fact is that a number of holistic establishments in the area closed soon after these men began operating there, and the chiropractor also departed to flee the terror. (Only one such establishment known to me remained, run by a woman called Teresa, who cooperated in the repression. This, she admitted to me. She then notified the entire town to treat me as a suspect. I do not know what she told them). Also, three men disappeared completely, did they flee or were they picked up and disappeared? This has tormented me through the years.

Things turned more sinister when someone attempted to run down my friend Dr. John Steigerwald, the chiropractor, with a car. At the time – because our minds were essentially naïve and trusting, we could not entertain such notions, and we set the incident aside, so to speak. Thinking back, however, it may have been a direct attempt to kill him. He may find it difficult to admit such an uncomfortable notion, but it is likely, and it is how he must have seen it. The car headed directly for him, to collide with his car, at great speed, and then having just missed him, sped away.
Of course, it could have been the staging, a fake attempt at killing – to scare the chiropractor into silence, to fray his nerves, to destroy him mentally and disable his life – again to show that they had presence in our lives and that we better take care and delete ourselves. But it did not look that way, as it was the skill of the chiropractor, in an extraordinary maneuver of his car that saved him. He had floored the gas pedal of his BMW while steering abruptly to the right, thus spinning his car away from the T-bone collision. Further, if I remember correctly, he had been in a couple of collisions in the year preceding this incident, and it is possible that these were deliberate and planned.

I may also have been negligent, in that in telling me about the incident, he might have been trying to tell me without saying so directly that someone was trying to kill him – that is, he had come to that conclusion. But I was too worn out by then to grasp such subtle messages or could not take on more trouble or else simply disbelieved it. For even with all that had happened to me, I did not believe in such evil! (I do now, after much investigation and learning. I know that vicious men exist and operate here).
(In this case, the man who aimed his car at the Chiropractor like a weapon would have been able to protect himself from harm – any number of means would have been available to him. But a fanatic is a fanatic: no longer protected from unrestrained acts of sudden violence even if they put him at risk. These men were now in charge of the towns in Napa Valley and there was no one to investigate them.)

I myself have been the victim of a car accident that, at the time, I dismissed as a mere accident, but now have my doubts. The man behind us simply accelerated and crushed the trunk of our car. The traffic was moving at a snail’s pace, when he accelerated into our vehicle. But what gave it away is this: of all four of us in the car, he came to check on me (!) up close, saying ‘How are you doing?’ It was the way that he said it. He meant, ‘How do you feel now that I rammed you?’ He was not interested in the other three passengers, two of them women. This makes no sense: there was no reason to focus on me rather than on the two women in the car – who were in shock! In a normal case, he would have gone to check on the women first and maybe then to my friend and me. He came only to me. I had suffered a concussion, but this was little next to the rest of it.

A few days after the chiropractor had saved his life or had saved himself from massive injuries due to the maneuver described above, I entered his office and my eyes shifted to the almost empty bookshelves of his office library which used to contain beautiful books which he shared with his patients. Almost all of them had been removed! The only books that remained were books of a medical nature.

Now the chiropractor had a library in his office, and he normally offered a book to his clients after sessions. The books were ‘investigative’ books, seeking more enlightened approaches to human existence, and thus not friendly to Big Business or the war machine and the way they seek to exist in the world. We were a holistic, healing community, and the books reflected that. The chiropractor later told me that a man had come into his office, a first time client, (I later found out that he was the stalker who had menaced me at the drugstore, but he had now disguised himself with a mustache!) and that after the treatment session he had offered the man a book from his office library. The spy instantaneously rejected it, and said ‘NO’ in a hard, rigid, authoritative voice. The chiropractor was stunned: he did not know that the world had turned on him. He apologized. A week later, when I came to see him there, all the enlightened books were gone from his library; all that remained were books on anatomy and standard chiropractic treatment. He did not wish to enter into additional discussion of these events, so I cannot comment beyond this. But this is immense for there is here a correspondence to Nazi book burning. It is clear that they wished to establish that no one would violate their authority and that they could forbid and banish thoughts and ideas as they wished. This was a supervising, ‘normalizing’ power removing knowledge and not just doing surveillance: surveillance still applied of course, the ‘enemy’ has to be found and identified, and then forbidden to think, to live.

During this period, I also encountered two women in town, a holistic healer who told me that she had been stalked and attacked and that her life was in danger (she escaped to Canada where she married to avoid returning to America), and a journalist who told me that she had received death threats from the City Manager. I once asked Chief Dick about this, point blank, ‘Why did the City Manager threaten to kill her?’ to which he responded, ‘Because she is against us’. The war on journalists had already begun. Now it was pretty much in the clear – all of this was going on. I knew that the healer was being abused. I had noticed the change in her over a few weeks. She indicated that someone was after her. She could not say who or for what reason. She told me that an airplane circled her house hour after hour and day after day. Again, she was secretive, afraid, and did not reveal much, probably out of the fear of not being believed and because any disclosures would further provoke the aggressors and jeopardize her life. And in fact, I initially did not believe her myself (!) her story got deleted, deflected – until the same thing happened to me!

For one technique they deployed to intensify the terrorism was the deployment of small planes with the bull’s eye markings (beginning 2003). I described the most offensive plane in detail to the police and the Manager of the Municipal Airport official (Mr. Stout) at which the plane was stationed – I had identified the plane. Nothing came of it, though he acknowledged that there had been ‘over-flights’, which, however, he said ‘had not violated any known laws’. By acknowledging the ‘overflights’, he inadvertently admitted that he knew of it. There were ‘over flights’ over my house. But they were deemed to be ‘legal’. This then became the terrorism beginning with Trump, taken to a whole new level. For the Napa Valley planes flew pretty high in the sky, and were not that disturbing. By 2016, these became instruments of terror, flying dinosaurs.

A further incident concerning ‘planes’ occurred in our last days in Calistoga: I was sitting in my backyard reading a book, when I looked up and directly above me was a white plane gliding by: it was the size of a small plane, but thinner; it had made no sound – but not more than a great white heron’s wings beating the air – and I only noticed it from some intuition or by accident; I looked up and there it was. It had only a semblance of a cockpit, there was no pilot. I did not know what this was (then) but it passed very low over my backyard and no doubt ‘saw me’ there (I now know it was there to ‘see’). Again, all of this was too much and I could not make sense of it at the time. I now know that it was a drone of some sort, some secret surveillance plane – run electronically. One has to understand that I lived a sheltered life, with no political involvement, retired in my home as if a Buddhist monk in a monastery, so that I had little awareness of this sort of reality. I have since obtained much knowledge on these matters.

In addition, they used white vans against me. There was a time when I enjoyed going to a spot in nature, (in Marin County where we moved after Calistoga), to write songs in my car. Inevitably, a white van would arrive and park facing me. Eventually, I stopped going out altogether and lived as a prisoner inside my home.
After a three year’s pause in activities, when nothing at all could be noted, and the stalking stopped, the men re-appeared when my wife and I moved to St George Utah. The activities were modest but, again, demented in character (it is the twisted nature of these characters and their schemes – and the time and effort and resources diverted and wasted – that amazes me.
There, a car would park across the small canyon from our house. The car was of a different make every day but always the color white. As if only white cars existed in that part of the world! There was no reason that any car should have parked there, in that spot, at all. Except that it was the most direct spot to park across the canyon to our house. They parked there so that I would notice them. There was a similar element as in the earlier ‘apparitions’, in that, if I came out to the patio and looked in the direction of the car and then went back into the house for a few minutes, and then returned back to the patio, the car would be gone! This did not disturb me much, I had already gone through it, and that was a pretty good year! But then a more astonishing terrorism began, via chemical, microwave attacks and the stress terrorism, described above.