To Amazon With Love (Read concern)

Subject: To Amazon With Love (Read concern)
From: Anirban Banerjee
Date: 19 Nov 2015

-An Open Letter-

Dear Amazon(India),

I had to write unofficially on the Facebook page to let the concerned authority know that The HR dept. of your Indian subsidiary HAS TO GIVE A WAY, WAY better performance if you want to carry your business out for further in Indian marketplace. The only glitch and the main is with the call center executives. For the lack of their practical sense, absence of staff interrelation, I GOT PRODUCTS PAYING NOTHING. REMEMBER-- *NOTHING*!! For this instance, I am very ashamed myself because I AM A INSANELY HONEST PERSON. Doesn't my concern meet the the level of a wanton situation? Seems that Amazon could offer me the position of CTO.

'Idiotie war noch nie so besser'. Amazon HQ gets billions of $ every year. This is how?

THIS's the second time. Amazon doesn't even care about picking returnable items from the buyers. I ASKED REPEATEDLY FOR IT. I AM LITERALLY IRKED OF BEING A GOOD CUSTOMER HERE, WHILE MY SELLER, ‪#‎Amazon‬ stays aloof about the products they are gonna take back and the products they are selling. La gente me ayudan. Estoy seguro de que Jeff Bezos no se ejecuta su negocio de esta manera.

Disclaimer: I have no problem keeping free things and everybody loves package. This time my little man inside me talked, next time even it would understand.

Open your Eyes.

Anirban B.
A Tired Customer