To all the pedophiles/murderers of children's spirits

Subject: To all the pedophiles/murderers of children's spirits
From: Open letter from a mother of molested children
Date: 10 Apr 2016

Where is the justice for not only my children but every child who is a shell of their former selves? Did you once stop and think what you might be doing to this child's life you are about to change forever? Did you ever stop to think why you are doing what you're doing? Did you ever stop to think that your actions will have lifelong repercussions for this child who's innocence you are about to destroy? Did you ever once stop to think how you got to this dark place? Unless, you don't feel it is wrong then, that just makes you dangerous and a psychopath. As human beings we are all capable of going to dark places; It is a choice. Evil is at the very heart of your actions. To make a conscious decision to harm a child is beyond comprehension to the human instinct to protect and keep children safe. To rationalize within your mind that what you are about to do is acceptable, is beyond reproach. To the first molester, I hate that I had to keep what you did to myself and take twelve years of verbal and emotional abuse from our son. I did it because I love my children more than myself. He was only five years old when you decided to molest his sister and obliterate the life he only knew as happy and stable. There were so many times I could have and wanted to yell back that I didn't just decide one day to end the marriage. You on the other hand lied and deceived him at every turn.