All I Want To Say To You (Bully)

Subject: All I Want To Say To You (Bully)
From: Just a 14 year old girl
Date: 1 Jun 2015

You remind me of my Mum. You didn't used to but now it's clear.The truth was always warped into YOUR version of events. Somehow everything is always my fault or if it isn't possible to convey things like that, if it isn't easy enough to tell a believable lie, then it is just completely denied. Made out to have never happened. And like in the case of my Mum, I stay quiet and maybe try to "please" you. But whatever I do will never be enough. And right now I couldn't care less because now I'm just angry.

Yes,like in the case of my Mum, I've done stupid or hurtful things to you and to others. As is natural. I have had a big mouth and have blurted out things that I shouldn't have. But a lot of the time, the damage and hurt I have caused wasn't done maliciously. And usually if I do happen to roll my eyes or say something mean, as I know I have been capable of doing before, it has been done in response to what is being done or said to me. It is in the only way I can think of to defend myself. Or just like a human being, I am having a bad day and something just comes out. And even if some of my actions aren't excusable, which I'm sure some aren't, I still don't think it makes me a bully. So I am not going to made out as one by you.

Yes, I know you could always try to use what I have just said as an excuse for your behaviour but that's just it you see, No! My reactions are/were responding to your actions, which came first. And people, including myself stop putting your downright, uncalled for comments down as you having a bad day. Because after say 2 days it's just not possible to do that anymore. You targeted me in every class, every break and lunchtime and at every chance you got. And there is no excuse you could come up with, no past mistakes which I have apologised over and over again for which explain why you were just so mean.

I absolutely made sure that I kept my head down and didn't say anything which could be twisted or taken the wrong way and yet everything I did was wrong and no doubt you will come up with something that will make you look like the victim. Yes, you could say I left the group of friends we had, or that because of previous arguments that you shouldn't have to hang out with me. But we both know that my intention was never for us to be Best Friends again. We could still just be civil. And I never left the group, I never fell out with those girls. I got away from you because I felt like I was always being apart of some on and off friendship, persistently being punished for completely unintentional actions of min which again I have apologised for.

I know you're hurt sometimes too. But that is only more reason to make sure no one else has to feel the same way. I am not the bully here. I think you should say sorry. : (