To all Fellow High School Senior Students

Subject: To all Fellow High School Senior Students
From: A stressed student
Date: 17 Oct 2016

How many of you are stressed out? I know I am. College applications are due right around the corner and if you are anything Like I am, you know you should start thinking about options of majors and where you will attend. But for most that isn't an option right now. Some of you may have your life together.
Maybe your course schedule is not as rigorous or maybe its like mine, AP classes and nothing below a B. I aim for straight A's and I push myself in the hardest course I can take. All AP or honors and 3 college classes on top of that. I do it for my so called future, what my 12 years of schooling will determine.
From the time I was little school has been #1 in my household, made a C, I was grounded. I was better than a C, better than average. At least that is what my parents constantly reminded me of. I'm a senior now and I'm pretty sure I have never seen a C on a single report card. I'm not writing this to bash those who have made low grades on report cards or those of you who have your life together, I'm writing this because I know I'm not the only one and I know that I needed to vent somehow. The amount of stress on students now, is a lot and causes a lot of issues.
For me, when I'm stressed I become emotional, I become scared and all over the place, and I don't eat. I'm not hungry till later in the day or if that at all. I know that is bad but stress caused it. I do homework for hours on end and I may complain but so help me God, I can not fail. It has been engraved in me that school is going to determine whether I get into a good college and whether I am successful in life. In reality I'm not worried about money, I want to do what I love and I want to be happy. I want to be an artist.