To AJO, the only girl I've ever loved

Subject: To AJO, the only girl I've ever loved
From: Glen
Date: 8 Sep 2019

As I sit on my bed, listening to so many songs

I just want to write to you, I know you won't see it.. But I like to think you're there

Ally, I really miss you.. I go by what you said to me, that rainy date, 'Always find the light in the shadows'
I know you want me to be happy, be happy on my own...
But girl, really... It's so difficult..
No girl is like you, It should upset me but to be frank with you, It makes me miss you even more, but It makes more cherish the moments we've had together even more.

I really think about you, like a lot.. I know it won't bring you back but thinking genuinely does bring me such comfort.
I reminisce our time together, most notably our date on the beach and your friend's party...

Surprisingly though, out of a lot of stuff we had in common.. Only 2 songs really remind me of you, the 2 songs that really connected us together
Just Like Heaven and Forever Young, cheesy as it is, but those two songs really can show how much I still love you.
If it would ever come to be, I so would of learnt Forever Young on piano just to propose for you

I always think how things could of turned differently, like if we both could of avoided the inevitable, maybe I wouldn't be writing this, you instead would be right by my side.
I don't blame myself anymore, I know I can't go back and fix it, but I do know I couldn't of done anything about it.
It's not much but I know you'd be proud of me

I just really miss the connection we had, the lightning.
But I know you're in my heart.


Love Glen xxx