African American personalities partial bias to Donald Trump

Subject: African American personalities partial bias to Donald Trump
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 26 Sep 2020

The ones on t.v five or seven days a week or online it seems to me that a lot of you perhaps supporters of Donald Trump as president of The United States when it comes to African Americans. Let me say you don't speak for me I will never ever be a supporter of Trump .Trump is racist bigot he showed his true colors as a real estate business he and his father didn't want to rent to blacks saying that blacks are lazy and disrespecting the first black president by questioning his U.S citizenship if you're a black journalist on t.v or you're in sports or you're average African Americans that support Donald Trump as president or a individual F*** you this is the guy who assaulted four congresswomen telling them they don't belong in the usa one of them was threatened calling nfl players (SOB) for standing up for justice for killing blacks at the hands by average citizens or law enforcement just because they're skin of color. Trump doesn't respect black journalist calling them stupid for doing their jobs asking questions about his administration! Trump doesn't respect you and yet your're a supporter .So you Trump supporters of African Americans perhaps supporters of Trump as president F*** F*** F****F***** F*** F ***** all of that's coming from what I fell & think about you as Trump supporters F ***** you!