Subject: WWE
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 22 Sep 2019

The wwe are a bunch of fuckers wwe wants to ban a fan for potenial contacting one of their popular talent on the roster give me a break!The video didn't show the guy touching the female wrestler perhaps he was giving her pack on the back showing support perhaps then maybe he was trying to make a uncomptable move on her either way banning the fan from wrestling house shows pay per view events for perhaps inocenence to me this is a scam!wwe is trying to get money off of their top popular talent in competition with the
new competitor AEW it's stinks! If I was this fan I would canceled my subscription with the wwe for banning him from all events join aew !As far as the wrestler concerns she can go fuck off it's all about the money in her case! She as well the wwe trying to scam some where was fucking security to protect the talentsthat'sthe wwe faultinnocence person just for a little fame and money !The wwe is perhaps at fault where was security at the event on break having a coffee &donut if this incident is legit then why wasn't it was reported after the pay per view ended instead a couple a days ago? The fan should sued the wwe for false excusing perhaps doing nothing wrong! F**** wwe f**** the wrestler !