To the writers and producers of Arrow

Subject: To the writers and producers of Arrow
Date: 26 Dec 2020

I a just started watching Arrow, I know it is late. I know the show was cancelled due to low ratings. Just to give a little insight the reason why I think the ratings was dropped was because in season 6, instead of focusing on Oliver and the Green Arrow, you decided to follow the Outsiders. The reason I wanted to watch this show is because I liked the Green Arrow not the team that was created after him. The show was called Arrow for a reason because it was suppose to follow the green arrow. I started to get sick and tired of the “Outsiders” almost immediately. And due to that I never finished watching the series. I lost interest. Then they though they could fight the crime looses all the their own when all they are is mortal. Yes Oliver is mortal as well, but he went through hell training, while the Outsiders still seemed disorganized even after they left Olive and the Green Arrow. They betrayed him and thought they could find crime on their own but they do not have the training to take on these significant villains. I think that they should have been killed off or broken up within two episodes of leaving Oliver. Or the show should have shifted back to Oliver and the Green Arrow, but it never did. I was happy with the first 5 season, but when you strayed away from the main focus, I became disappointed l. Now the show is no longer and I am glad. If they did decide to do a ninth season, I don’t think I would watch it unless the focus went back to Oliver and the Green Arrow.