A Thank You Letter to Kareena Kapoor Khan

Subject: A Thank You Letter to Kareena Kapoor Khan
From: Your biggest fan
Date: 12 Aug 2015

Dearest Kareena, I know that you have innumerable fans all over the world and I am just one of them. My life has been remarkably desolate but you are the one person who has always brought a smile to my face. I was 14 when you entered films and from "Yaadein" onwards you have been my favorite person in Bollywood. Although you are a remarkable actress, there is something about the person you are that always connected with me. I cannot be sure about what exactly it was, but I always guessed it to be your elegance. You came across as a unique blend of vulnerability and confidence to me. I have grown up watching your films and following your life. The way you have lived your life has given me so much strength. Unfortunately, my life will be over in a few days; and these are the most difficult days of my life. These days all I feel like doing is to either cry or tell people what they mean to me. And you have meant so much to me. In fact everyone close to me knows that. My friends even makes sure to send me any and all new about you. Today like most of the days, I was sitting in a group where I felt that I don't belong. There is this distinct feeling when you are in a large group and everyone is seriously discussing something they deem important and you feel like screaming that they don't know what important really is. I don't know if there is a word for that feeling. So i was having another one of these moments today and my eyes fell on a Limca bottle on the table. And that limca bottle had a sticker of your beautiful face smiling. And I swear I cheered up for like a minute( which is saying a LOT as I am never happy ever these days). And I got reminded of all the times I had seen you, or heard your songs, or watched your interviews and become so bloody happy. You gave me hope, you gave me somebody I always wanted to be like and you don't even know me. I decided that I did not want to leave this world without you knowing this. This letter probably wont reach you because I am not a great writer and I know you hate social media. But if you do hear of it, please know that I love you immensely and wish you so much more happiness. And I really wish that you do some movies where the unique struggles of women are highlighted. Because some of us have such unique and weird problems that they can't really be popularly discussed. I think you have the talent to make such stories popular. Thank you once again for who you are and for being totally unperturbed by anybody. I love you and will love even from the beyond. Thank you Thank you Thank you!