To Tesco finance; maybe the un-bias would stop, maybe not

Subject: To Tesco finance; maybe the un-bias would stop, maybe not
From: The rejected intern
Date: 19 Nov 2018

Dear Tesco finance team,

It's penultimate year of uni and everyone is buzzing over getting a summer internship and I'm just as much excited. I come across Tesco's finance internship and I'm thrilled, something different. I apply to it and I'm pleased to find out I've gone past the assessment stage! (the most dreaded stage) and my adrenaline is through the roof. Now, what next?
I get an email confirming this success and I'm thrilled once again. Then a second email comes in, I'm meant to do a video interview and I pause for a second taking the biggest gulp; I had never done one. But there are instructions and I sigh a bit of relief. I spend the next couple of days maybe weeks preparing: talking into my camera trying to find my perfect angles, researching every and anything about Tesco. Oh! I even got someone to Skype me and interview me since it was the closest thing I could think of to a video interview. Finally I'm ready. Rush back from my lecture put on a H&M corporate shirt with shorts below (I mean who's going to see past my chest), a little bit of makeup here and there and I sit in front of my camera ready. It seemed like the longest minutes, answering 10 questions, each, three minutes and just 30 seconds to prepare. Whew! I'm done. I pick up the phone immediately to call my friend and I decide to check my email four minutes into the call.
Well why is there an email already, actually two. My heart is racing but I open the first and it's just a confirmation whew!On to the next and oh I knew those words all to well and I'm just overwhelmed but I keep wondering, 'How did they review at least 10 minutes worth of footage in 3, possibly 4 minutes.
The bias, I know it all to well. It's the same that makes no one sit beside you on the bus, the same that makes the security man follow you when you're out shopping and trying to have a good time or is it the waitress asking to to pay before you eat whilst collecting the bill from everyone else after? Or maybe, maybe it's the incompetence of someone who just works there and never bothered to even look through my video. But I'm alright and still applying.

Best wishes,
Miss. A