To the SVP (Society of St Vincent dePaul East Ireland

Subject: To the SVP (Society of St Vincent dePaul East Ireland
From: AH
Date: 13 Oct 2023


Dear SVP Ireland East,

The damage that you have done to me is lasting and serious, you traumatised me and damaged my tenancies and seemed incapable of being responsible or understanding that you have no right, according to the law or human decency, to treat me as you did.

I am writing this letter and publishing it online and leaving it there as an eternal answer to the damage that you've done, and maybe, just maybe, you can feel some shame as a result, as nothing else has made you feel responsible nor have you been able to respond properly to me, you come across as a cold, hard, racist, soulless unchristian and inhumane charity, and I worry about the damage that you've done to other vulnerable adults, considering the damage that you've done to me.

When I first asked the SVP for help, you refused me help because I couldn't use a phone and you were not meeting people face to face due to 'pandemic' issues, so despite me emailing and writing, you ignored me, maybe you haven't heard of the 2005 Disability Act. It was after I ended up homeless because I couldn't get the help I needed, you begrudgingly came to see me because you were put under pressure to, from other people as well as my persistent requests.

You helped me, but left me feeling small, wouldn't communicate still when contacted, and gave preference to other people in the hostel, who you would see willingly, but not me, you only saw me when under pressure to, which indicates racism, because of your obvious preference of natives.

When I got myself a private short term tenancy as a lodger in an owner-occupied property and got out of the hostel, I had no intention of asking you for help again despite the reality that I was struggling to make ends meet, but a social worker and others said I should, to make life easier for myself, I tried to explain how hostile you'd been to me, and also I had to keep it from my landlords that I was struggling, because I had to be a viable tenant and come away with good references from the landlord and agent.

You destroyed my references by your very blatant disregard for my wishes and your involvement of my landlords in my situation. You were told you could only contact me by email as I couldn't use a phone, and the social worker asked you to contact me by email to arrange to meet somewhere. It was very important that my tenancy wasn't damaged by your representatives turning up at my home, as I wasn't allowed visitors, as a lodger, and my business was private and it was important for me to keep my situation from my landlords and seem to be a viable tenant in order to keep the tenancy and get my references for a new tenancy once this temporary tenancy ended.

You utterly disregarded my wishes and turned up, involved my landlords, losing my my references, humiliating me and leaving me distraught. You tried to ignore the subject, tried to ignore me. Then when pushed, you invented a fictitious 'complaints department' and sent me a used envelope to send the complaint in writing, having already received it by email, and you demanded back the vouchers your representative had left with my landlord. As I said, you are cold and without humanity, your attack on me was horrific, and demanding the vouchers back and sending me a used envelope addressed to your complaints department which doesn't exist, was the cherry on the cake. You then failed to ever resolve the complaint, and the social worker asked you to send the vouchers to him, which you did, you could have done that in the first place without that attempt to destroy my tenancy. To my surprise, the landlords didn't kick me out despite you very pointed efforts, but I lost the agent's reference, when I'd done nothing wrong, and the agent wouldn't make any onward property arrangements for me either, because of you, not because I had done anything, and as a result I was left scrambling to find accommodation when my tenancy was ending due to the house being sold.

I was in luck and got another room in another owner-occupied house, a fresh start, but sadly had to give up work soon after, and was left in poverty. Anyone I turned to for advice blindly told me to contact you. You know how people are, they know the names of what they think is a source of help, and they trot those names out without knowing the bad side, especially in Ireland, where most sources of help are shop fronts and chocolate fireguards. Eventually as things were that bad, and I wasn't willing to tell the landlords yet, because it would mean I wasn't a viable tenant, I contacted you and was very clear indeed in saying do not turn up at the house as I'm not allowed visitors and it's an owner occupied home, and again as ever I had to remind you not to phone me as I can't use a phone, and not to change my title, as you frequently did. You pretended to note what I said. I said make contact by email and arrange to meet, as was discussed in the previous case when the social worker explained my circumstances.

Very shortly, to my utter horror and trauma, you attacked my tenancy yet again. It could have been seen as a very serious mistake, data breach and misconduct the first time, a serious mistake and misconduct that you failed to resolve and which impacted me severely, but when you did it again I saw it as an act of pure malice and racism, with the understanding that previously you had given preference to Irish residents at the hostel and avoided me unless pressed to help me. This time you attacked a long term tenancy and left it permanently fractured and me so seriously traumatised and humiliated I nearly couldn't cope and nearly walked out. Malice, what you did was malice, a knowing and deliberate attack on my wellbeing when told not to do this and why you weren't to do it, and how very much you had already damaged me.

This time I found out about the attack when I came downstairs and my landlord said to me that your SVP representatives had come round and told him I had lost my job - I hadn't had a chance to talk to my landlord, so it was pure wickedness of you to deliberately breach this data to the landlord of a house that only took working tenants and where I had no tenancy agreement and no rights - the same as many in poverty in Ireland. You had told him I was to get a welfare payment and even, horrifyingly tried to give him instruction for me as to how to get to the post office for payments as if I was an imbecile. You wicked people, this was pure malice. Although he wasn't happy, obviously, and I was so humiliated I wanted to die, I wasn't kicked out, but it left a permanent fatal fracture in the tenancy which saw me eventually returning to homelessness. I was already very distressed and struggling, what you did was aimed to be the fatal blow. But the Catholic Church and its offshoots are known for their bitterness, twistedness and abuse, and I sought support, reported you to the Charity Regulator and Data commission, and limped on. As I said, the tenancy was fatally damaged.

I was very very very clear with you that the attacks on my wellbeing and tenancy and the lawbreaking and data breaches were to stop, you responded to one of my emails about this by saying that it would stop. A few days later these same attackers were sending me messages demanding to come to my house, as if nothing I'd said had registered, I was not allowed visitors, that was made abundantly clear, you had attacked my tenancy in the hope of leaving me homeless, and you'd been told to leave me alone and had said you would., and yet you were still attacking and threatening to come round. I told the representative I would get the gardai involved if this didn't stop, although I'm sure you'd be delighted if the Gardai came to the house and I lost the tenancy.

A few weeks later, you attacked again. A letter was sent to my neighbour, which he read, baffled, wrote notes on, and brought round to my landlords. The letter started by changing my title, something you'd been told not to do, and why not to do it, because in my culture, the title you insisted on for me implied that I was a whore. Why did you write to the neighbour and why did you jeer like that when you've been told over and over to use my correct title?!

In true fear of my tenancy, I made a very offensive fuss about the most recent attack, and as far as I know, the attacks stopped, but unfortunately I couldn't be sure the attacks had stopped or whether you were still working on my landlords to destroy my tenancy. The tenancy did end, nonetheless and I returned to the streets after all the efforts to rebuild my life, and I am sure if you'd known that, or now that you know that, you'll be cracking the champagne, because you are nasty abusive inhumane racist unchristian bitter and twisted old Catholics. I am likely to remain in poverty but where you'll happily help any native, you have made it very clear that if I ask for help, you will destroy me and you will keep destroying me, your aim is homelessness or death for me. You don't seem to know the law, which is terrible considering the positions of trust that you hold, you don't seem to know the Disability Act 2005 or any laws regarding data, confidentiality or safeguarding. You're a bit of a shambles.

You've failed to resolve my complaint, and the damage that you've done can never ever be resolved, it will affect me for a very long time and you've caused me intolerable hardship, so in reply, this open letter will remain in place, maybe it can speak for all the voiceless vulnerable and the minority groups who you old Catholic ladies hate so much. I don't know how many people you have damaged or caused the death of, but let my letter be a voice for them and maybe shame you into change. Whoever runs the SVP East in Ireland should step down along with any managers who have been present through the abuse and damage.