The song is not finished yet, an open love letter to my Nashville <3

Subject: The song is not finished yet, an open love letter to my Nashville <3
Date: 26 Feb 2017

Now is the right time to tell the world why I have loved Nashville so much over the years. And trust me I will always love Nashville.

A few years back, I don’t even know where Nashville was in the US, I have no idea what country music was, and I didn’t even know most of the cast … I was looking for a TV Show to watch and I read some pretty good things about a show called « Nashville ». I fell in love with it from that very first scene between Rayna and Deacon on the bridge … I’ve been a huge fan since then. I never thought that a TV Show can actually change your life, but it changed mine as well as the life of so many other Nashies. I’ve been so proud to be part of this huge community of fans.

Thank You Nashville for giving life to so many awesome characters. Among them, Rayna Jaymes was my favorite for everything she represented. She made me believe that everything was possible, that you can be a woman and have it all.
Thank you so much Connie Britton for portraying her so well, thank you for your talent, thank you for your kindness and thank you for using your voice for what you believe in.
Rayna Jaymes was not just a fictional character; she was a role model to so many of us. A strong, beautiful, wise woman (not flawless). She was the woman I wanted to be.

My other favorite character was Deacon (still is) because despite everything he went through, he was there for his family, his friends and of course for Rayna. Thank you so much Charles Esten for giving life to this amazing and so endearing character. You’ve got so much talent. Thank you for your kindness, thank you for being so humble and nice to your fans!

Thank you so much to both of you, Connie Britton & Charles Esten, for giving us Deyna, the most beautiful, loving and epic TV couple of all time. Your chemistry was just awesome and you believed in that couple from the very beginning as much as we did.

To me Rayna was the heart and soul of Nashville, of course she could never have done it alone; trust me I LOVE every single character of the show.
Thank you to all the cast & crew of Nashville for making this Tv show so magical.

To the writers, by killing off Rayna, you took away from us our Nashville; you took away that magic that made Nashville such a unique precious show. And you certainly did not do justice to Rayna, to the other characters, to the fans and to the cast by letting her go like that. There were so many other ways to let Connie Britton go (and I do respect her decision).

I am disappointed because I put too much of myself in this show. I fought so hard to bring back Nashville (if only I knew…), I made everything I could to support the cast and I even made so many friends of mine watch Nashville (not well-known in France); this #9 episode ruined it all … rewatching previous seasons are now just unbearable, listening to this beautiful music is hard right now and the magic is gone ☹

I have loved Nashville with all my heart over the past 5 years and I will probably still love Nashville (the one I used to love).

I will continue to support all those talented singers and actors. I am happy I got to see them all last year in London. They made one of my biggest dream come true so Thanks to them for sharing their talent with us and a big Thank you to Charles Esten for taking the time to meet the fans. Cannot wait to see them all once again this year.

And to Connie Britton, I have so much respect for you, I am so proud I got to see your talent through Nashville. You are, to me, such an inspiring woman. I will keep supporting you every step of the way.

But right now, it hurts too much, goodbye my beloved Nashville. We will meet again soon, I’m sure of that.

The song is not finished yet …

From a huge French Nashville fan