Social media and Hollywood

Subject: Social media and Hollywood
From: Jon- Me
Date: 1 Jul 2022

i know that we live in a far different world compared to when i was younger, i think that part of me hates social media and hates the fact that we as people use it to pretend we know who a celeb is truly and what they are like.

Hollywood is fake we all know that what we see is not real, actors who pretend to be someone they are not to make us feel entertained.
social media as a way to connect us and celebs is not an idea but it can be dangerous,
we do not know anyone that we see on TV, and i think we like to feel as if we do.

social media is harmful to us a people and you throw in celebs and we have people that use it for the wrong reasons, or the fact that celebs try to use it to make a statement too.

social media is a way for anyone to show who they want to be and what they need us to believe.