Reply to Ms. Shefali Vaidya open letter against actor Aamir Khan

Subject: Reply to Ms. Shefali Vaidya open letter against actor Aamir Khan
From: Jamuna
Date: 27 Nov 2015

Dear shefali vaidya,
I am sorry to say this but through your open letter, you have displayed your intolerence. To quote you, "You are a superstar in a country where the majority of movie-goers are Hindu. For years, we have spent our money to buy tickets for your movies. It is our money that has made you what you are today."
May I ask you ma'm, whether you watch movies for supporting the actor or to entertain yourself? You watch Aamir's movie coz he is a brilliant actor. It is not your money but his hard work and dedication that has made him what he is today. Ma'm hope you agree that it is by virtue of our birth that we are born as Hindus. We have absolutely no control over it. And please accept the fact that there is growing intolerance and unrest in our country.What do you have to say about the Dadri killings? Were they not Hindus? What about the uncountable rapes that is happening day in day out in our country? Parents of girl children are scared these days to let them out of their sight even for a short while.
In case Mr. Aamir khan expressed his concern, should we not take it as the viewpoint of a fellow Indian instead of pulling his religion to the forefront? Are we not equally guilty? Just like you and me doesn't our country permit any celebrity to air their views? Unfortunately Ms. Shefali Vaidya, it is people like you who flare up intolerence and make a mountain out of a mole hill. From your open letter it is evident that you believe that India basically belongs just for the Hindus and "we" are just being tolerant towards other religions. Please understand Ma'm our beloved country belongs to its people - citizens and not to anyone who believes in any particular faith.
Suppose Aamir was your brother and had made such a remark about your home would you lash out at him in the same way? I doubt. Let us be tolerant and show the world that our country is indeed a better place than to blow up petty issues when there are umpteen burning issues we could put our heads together to solve.