political journalists news hosts personalities

Subject: political journalists news hosts personalities
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 6 Oct 2019

Let me say sometimes I'm so damn tired of politicians news hosts etc always coming out promoting themselves with their f* novels show new clothing or whatever it is okay it's but, stop with promoting every single time people get it . I'm not hating it just sometimes you f***** is just full of sh*t just like Donald Trump who brags about his f**** accomplishments when indeed Trump really hasn't done a damn thing but take sh*ts insults people on twitter particular minorities etc personally some of you personalities sucks particular the ones that praising yourselves as well some of you that support Donald J. Trump. So just get over yourselves you're not all that & a bag of chips. The ones on t.v particular writing books is by far the fullest pieces of sh*t thinking their books or shows or whatever is the best thing going today it good but, let not kidd ourselves you're not all that. The only reason you're so damn popular is because you're in the lime light every day .Thank you for work