An Open Letter to Valve

Subject: An Open Letter to Valve
From: A Fan
Date: 15 Oct 2016

Sure, sounds are not a huge deal when it comes to a game. Sounds are actually probably the least important aspect of a game.

However, when the sound for a game have been the same exact sounds since the original, and 17 years later you decide to change them you can cause some upset.

Why, would you even consider changing the sounds? Who came up with the idea of changing the sounds? Whoever did needs to be fired.

Only the SSG sounds sound good... the AWP is acceptable. But now when I hop onto CS:GO; I am confused as to what I am hearing, and simply I am disgusted with the sounds.

The sound changes have drove me to discontinue my daily play in CSGO. Why?

Good question. The sound change in CSGO has helped me realize that the staff of valve has no other way to try and improve their game. They have been forced to change things that have been the same for years, thinking that it could possibly bring attention to the game.

Nobody asked you to change the sounds, and I don't understand why you are continuing to change the sounds when the majority of the community hates the new sounds.

Just stop, first, you're changing sounds... And the new inferno is terrible. What is next? The physics and mechanics? Stop digging yourself a hole.