An Open Letter to Terry Pratchett

Subject: An Open Letter to Terry Pratchett
From: Me
Date: 28 Sep 2015

I always wanted to write a letter to you. A letter explaining how much of an effect you had on my entire way of thinking. I put it off and forgot about it, because I presumed if I wrote you a letter you would receive so many you might never even get to read it. Now I've missed my chance and it is something I regret.

If I had ever gotten the chance to meet you I would've thanked you. Your books thought me how to deal with the world. I first found your books when I was a teenager and in subtle words and sarcasm you explained to a timid teenager what to expect from the world around them.

The way you wrote about people, you explained how most people react in different situations. I've learnt so much from your books and your characters, reading "you do the job thats in front of you" as been the main quote that I use through my life.

You told your readers thinking outside the box was much better then hiding in it. You thought me to think and to question, to never take things for granted and don't believe authority always knows what they are doing.

As an adult now I re read your books when I feel I am losing the part of myself that has formed from your influence. I still laugh at the jokes as if reading them for the first time.

The thought that will be no more from you saddens me.

Again thank you.