Open letter to SC2 community and Kingz players

Subject: Open letter to SC2 community and Kingz players
From: MegaMan
Date: 11 Oct 2016

Hi everyone. I am MegaMan, founder of Team Kingz, and I am writing this open letter because someone is trying to bring Kingz down, using manipulation and lies to steal our players. I'm very angry, mad and sad, so please understand that and forgive me if I sounds just like that.

I'm a lover of Starcraft game since the beginning (98) and have been playing ever since. I love the game, and I love the community.

I worked my ass off to build Team Kingz - a multigaming organization, and at some point, when I had no time no manage the SC2 squad, I talked with a MisterL, a guy who I thought was my friend at the time.

Turned out that the "old friend" I made manager of my clan, its actually a egocentric 16yo kid, and all he wants he to be The Boss. He's now The Boss of DRE4MS, were he's with the majority of Kingz players.

I have nothing to hide. I will share all text to everyone. Read them if you want, and then take your conclusions on whats going on.

All Im looking for is to give the opportunity to everyone know the truth and make a decision of your own. If I am wrong, stick with him and with his new clan.
Team Kingz is not dead, or splitting as he said. We are here, and active.
New Squad Manager is TriNiGhT, long time player, member and staff of Team Kingz.

The facts:

Roughly a month ago, I asked MisterL to tell Kingz players that we're trying to bring all Kingz from all teams together in the main discord.
He promptly said he "would not force his players to do anything he disagrees"

I said, noone is being forced to anything, it was just a way to give all players of Kingz the opportunity to hang together, and at the same time, be able to have access to the news and announcements.

Again, the answer of MisterL was, "I dont agree, and therefore I will not force my players to join two discords."

Please notice how MisterL started using the this words "Forcing" and "my players" and "I disagree"
This is on printscreen – check them.

I asked several players, and all of them said he didn't told them anything that I asked him. Meaning, he didnt allow them to decide for themselves. If that would be - or not- a good ideia. Why?

Several players reported that MisterL said Kingz are splitting. Its a lie! Why would he do this? He's doing this because, masked as nice guy, looking only for fun games, he is actually thirsty of power.

This is the only reason he never asked noone about their opinions if we should or not unite in one discord.

This is why he always said he doesn't want anyone to tell him what to do - not even asked, because he wont.

Never, noone, was forced to ANYTHING, in this clan. NEVER! This clan was guided and managed from a family and friendly perspective. And will keep to be like this.

I believe that the fact that he didnt share anything of this with "his" players, the fact he's lying to get the players on "his" team. I believe this proves "his" personality.

What he has made with us, its not fair. You guys cant imagine how I felt and how I feeel about this. Its not his clan ffs.

Team Kingz will keep being active, we will keep joining Clan Wars KoK, Tournaments, etc.

Please, take your time and feel free to read the content of the meeting and my personal messages with him.

Please, help me get the truth out.

Meeting content-

Messaging between me and MisterL -