Open Letter To Roger Waters and BDS

Subject: Open Letter To Roger Waters and BDS
From: London2015
Date: 31 May 2015

Dear Roger Waters, Musicians and BDS

I am writing you an open letter in regards to you latest attempt to influence Robbie Williams’ performance in Israel via the media.

First of all, I am writin this email as a believer in the greatness of the human race. And as an advocate for true peace on our planet.

One part of your letter states: “tacit support to the deaths of over 500 Palestinian children last summer in Gaza, including the four soccer players on the beach in Gaza and condoning the arrest and abuse of hundreds of Palestinian children each year living under Israeli occupation.”

Of course the cost of any child’s life is a grave loss. And sadly, lives of children are being lost around the world in conflict. Yet I have not heard you being outspoken about the children of Nigeria, I have not heard or seen you pointing fingers publicly for the children of Kenya nor are you pointing any fingers for the children of Syria. Yet you mention the children of Palestine.

BDS claims that it is doing the noble act of creating a global Artist picket line in the name of the children. And I ask, why are these same artists not concerned about the children of Israel who ran for shelter when over 10,000 rockets were fired into Israel before Israel responded? Or are they not also counted as children worthy of defending and speaking up for?

What would you do if someone shot a rocket on your family? How abut 10 rockets? 100 rockets? And what if 10,000 – yes, ten thousand! – rockets where fired on your family? Would you take the time to inform those people you’re about to retaliate? The IDF makes it a point to notify the residents of Gaza before retaliating, so that civilians can move to safety. Hamas extend no such courtesy…

The Nazis propaganda philosophy was simple: “Tell a lie, tell it simply, and tell it often”. By ignoring the facts, and presenting a one-sided story, the BDS embraces the Nazi methodology, and I pray You, Roger, and all Europe will not fall in that trap once again, and instead unite to find a solution saving the lives of kids all around the world!

Musicians have the power to unite people, using the international language of music. What is it that YOU want to unite people around – WAR or PEACE?

There is fundamental part being left out of BDS and your reason to appeal to Robbie and musicians.
Where was mention of Hamas’s role in this?
Why is there a wall in the first place?
Why was 800 billion tons cement used to build tunnels and not houses?
Where is your mention of Hamas beating Gazan’s to stay in their homes knowing they will be bombed? Where is the mention that Hamas fired rockets from schools endangering their own children? Where is the mention of Hamas’s manifesto, which clearly states that the sole purpose of their existence is the destruction of Israel?

I ask you again what is it that YOU want to unite people around – WAR or PEACE?