Open letter to the reporter who felt Alia Bhatt was stereotyping Bihari's.

Subject: Open letter to the reporter who felt Alia Bhatt was stereotyping Bihari's.
From: Harshil Shah - Alia's fan.
Date: 20 Apr 2016

Dear Ms. Reporter,

Well we(Alia's fan referred as we from hereon) are too happy to receive your open letter and the criticism.. Coz Alia is one of the girls who loves criticism and improves a ton from it! But, seems like you have had something missed out or misinterpreted!

So, lets start this your way! Firstly, you feel she's a concoction of stereotypes.. Well I'd rather applaud her for blending in soo well with all the types and pulling it off all of them at the same time! Take a bow. Only few actors are capable of doing this.. And your conclusion tells me that you did not like the blending or should I put it as a mixture, but well what comes pure today? Not even milk! ;) but only mother's love.

Secondly, it seems that our beloved reporter has forgotten the difference between learning it for a month and learning it since she was a month old. Not 85% of the crowd knows that Bihari is not a language and it is divided into other languages. Just like every south Indian is termed as Madrasi but not the truth. And when everyone stereotypes bihari or madrasi.. No one bats an eye.. But when a star says everyone seems to lose their minds.. Well why not, lets get publicity! When one should be appraising her efforts to get personally trained for the dialect but no we won't.. Why should we its her job na, right?

Thirdly, well about the clothes.. Yes they're soiled yes they're torn, but why do you think she worn those when she could wear anything from that rich wardrobe of hers? Her job again, right? The movie shows the drug abuse of the people in those states and generally the term abuse is used when it is taken not by choice but either by force or majboori! So, I doubt those people can afford that good clothes as you're claiming.
And as your last line of the letter mentions, "do you think ALL biharis look like this?" Well here you go.. You said it yourself that at least some of the Bihari's do look like her portrayal.. And maybe she's stereotyping only those kinds, who knows? So rather than criticisng her lets wait and watch for the film and stop judging her from just a 3.10 mins trailer!