From: Kevin Patrick, [email protected]
Date: 30 Dec 2021

Covid has taught us all an awful lot.

From Pestilence to Climate change, Poverty to Racism, and the ability to make better use of what we've got.

I have always been an avid follower & admirer of NASA and Space exploration, we are sending multiple missions to Mars, but we already know that the gases and minerals will only provide fuel for future missions and will therefore act solely as a stepping stone; why don't we use this technology closer to Home. Launch a satellite in hot countries to orbit the Earth and deploy light reflecting shields to reduce the intensity of the Sun for that specific region, and thereby provide a perfect climate for food security.

Why don't we hand over all disused buildings to Developers on a FOC basis, provided they clad the structure with solar panels which feed back into the electric grid supply, removing an otherwise unfinished eyesore.

Again, why don't we develop an inverse form of Light Amplification Stimulated by Emissions of Radiation (LASER), to freeze large swathes of seawater, lowering sea levels and temperature simultaneously.

And on the subject of Racism, Black Lives Matter (BLM). Yes indeed they do, but take this a step further, (ALM) All Lives Matter; why don't we abolish discrepancies between Black, White and anywhere in between. Gender; whether you are male/female or again anywhere in between; it doesn’t matter, all that does matter is "can you do the job"; this is something we can do right now. All CVs should no longer require the information "what is your ethnicity", "are you male or female", "are you married" "what is your religion"; the form simply states the job profile required and your only reference for the application is "Ref application number only", thereby giving equal pay and equality for all.

Where is the leadership; the Pandemic has proved that the lack of Global coordination is breathtaking, we must all realize by now that we need a "World Order".

Some may say we have the United Nations, yes we do, but they take weeks to agree on a "Resolution" and by then hundreds of thousands of human lives are lost, or they say we have the World Health Organization, yes indeed we do, purely an advisory body, without the ability to take any action.

Is it not by now abundantly clear to all the politicians and decision makers we need a Global and decisive, effective response; a "World Order Body" that would have a Global contribution and representation from All Nations. An entity that would have a Rotating President, with Elected Members, again from All Nations. They would have absolute Powers & Decision making, and consequently be able to ACT FAST.

Now that the United States has someone with integrity and inspiration, let us use this Covid reflection to make a difference; a difference to Climate change, a difference to our loved ones, our children & our grandchildren.

Kevin Patrick,
Ex. Irish Management Business Insitute Ireland, now based in Glasgow.
[email protected]

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