Open Letter to the Person Fooling You All

Subject: Open Letter to the Person Fooling You All
Date: 24 Feb 2022

Dear You,

I recently stumbled across a post someone shared about the new brewery you have opened. I read through the congratulatory comments and the people who were "so proud of you", and all I could feel was disgust and anger. Enough time has passed since you did the things you did that I rarely think of you anymore, certainly never on purpose. But there were years when the things you did took up more space in my head. I'm still dealing with them, just in different ways. I'm certainly stronger and more empathetic to people now than before, but I wonder what has changed for you. Probably nothing.

You never had, and never will have, any consequences for your actions, yet I have to live with the consequences of your actions every day. You get to live your life held in high esteem by people, with everyone fooled into thinking you're an amazing person. You get to talk about the #metoo movement like you support it, like you're moral. You get to travel and open breweries and get married and pretend that you are smart and cool. You're a fucking douche. You're a rapist, you're a stalker, you’re a harasser, you're controlling, you're manipulative. Nobody that stays on your good side sees that part of you though, I'm sure, because you can also be a nice person.

I think I would feel better if you were just an obvious shit person, but you're not. You are the worst kind of shit person, the kind everyone else thinks is not shit, but ends up holding down and raping people in their sleep after they break up with you (on more than 1 occasion), threatening violence to their family, harassing them constantly, putting keyloggers on their computers, punching out their windshield, threating to kill yourself and saying it will be entirely their fault, then going on about your day being fan-fucking-tastic to everyone else. FUCK. YOU. You'd never admit it, you'd never let people see you for who you are, but that IS you. You are the person that did those things, and I have to live with that still, 8+ years later.

Since I'm being honest, the part that angers me the most now, isn't even what you did, it's that you get to walk around judgement free, that you get to EXCEL. I don't want your life, I'm not jealous of it, I'm just angry that you get to even have anything good. I guess that's life though, it's not fair and it's not easy, and gross men get to parade themselves around like good fucking people.

I just want you to know that you don't have every person fooled. I'm still here, and I know you are a piece of shit. My family knows you are a piece of shit. I really hope you know that, too.