Open Letter To Olinda Chideme

Subject: Open Letter To Olinda Chideme
From: Someone Who Understands
Date: 7 Jan 2017

Dear Olinda,

I must say my heart broke seeing you in the state you were on your first live video. As someone who has suffered from depression and felt so upset to the point of suicide because of the way a loved hurt me, I get it, I get you. I know you are hurting. It’s a type of pain that nothing anyone says can help. I understand, I get you. I guess what I’m trying to say is Be strong, be courageous. It sounds hard now but trust me you’re stronger than you think. You will get through this. There will be better days. Be strong, do it for your children. You’re all they have. Do it for you, you’re a hard worker. You deserve to be happy. Stay Strong Olinda. I understand.

Yours Sincerely,