An open letter to my best friend/ cousin

Subject: An open letter to my best friend/ cousin
Date: 26 Jun 2016

First off i just want to say thank you.
I always thought it was normal to grow up with someone the same age as you and to spend every family event with them, thank you for being that comfort.
We've been through it all- the toddler stage, the adventurous stage at our pepows lake, the "pre teen" stage spent every Friday at the skating rink and now the high school friday night football stage. I wouldn't want to grow up with anyone else, thank you for being there.

Every moment we spend together is pure bliss. Our memories are nothing but happiness and love. No matter how many boyfriends or friends we have been through, we will always have each other and there is no changing that. You're so funny, and you always have me laughing until i can't laugh anymore. Anyone who spends any time with us will know we are nothing but giggles and fun.

I'm so excited to see where life takes us. If one thing is for sure, I know that I will be there to see your future as well as you will be there to see mine.

Xoxo your friend since the womb,
I love you.