An Open Letter To Media

Subject: An Open Letter To Media
From: Jessie
Date: 4 Jun 2015

There was a time when I once looked on entertainment news websites just to kill a bit of time and see what was new in the world of showbizz. But now these sites have really fallen out of favour with me and I just can't stand the content they are putting out.

I recently read that TMZ, the American showbizz site, is now one of the most powerful sites in the world. It's the sort of site where they'll analyse someone from head-to-toe and show footage of a celebrity leaving their home as news. The fact that this will get more attention that a natural disaster or a death is what's concerning. I can understand the idea that people don't want to read scary and negative stories about our society and environment, we're more willing to ignore these things in favour of some lighter 'news'.

Ok a little bit of lighthearted news and gossip never hurt anyone but it is the fact that these sites are now in perceived positions of power and the content they choose to put out is utter trash. Now what's happening with idiots from Geordie Shore and Made In Chelsea is being publicised above real news! Go on a website like the Daily Mail and the whole thing is written as if its just someone's opinion and you see personal and inappropriate views slip into the writing, this isn't just in the celebrity section but the actual news they post. You don't need to get me started on the comment sections! They are rife with hate and discrimination. Some of the comments I've read on there - which are usually the most interesting parts of the article - are eye-opening to say the least.

Reading these comments makes me concerned for the state of our society and just how willing people are to share their hate-filled views. I'm not delusional, we all get annoyed by something or someone at times but to feel comfortable smearing your opinions across a huge online platform is foolish to say the least. It is only natural to have derogative thoughts or think something nasty on the odd occasion but that's where it should a thought.

Giving people like Katie Hopkins a platform to spread hate and fear is one of the worst things that I've seen in recent years. Yes it is good to see an uprising against her but she still remains in the media spotlight, spewing out disgusting remarks.

Another issue I have with them is that they shamelessly tell us what's good and not. I'm sick to death of reading headlines like "Taylor Swift is everything" or "Rita Ora dazzles in new music video". Then you might check out the content and Rita Ora isn't dazzling here, it's a generic music video that has a horrible product placement for frizz ease hair products and a shameless running scene with her tits out.

I prefer old journalism where we're given the facts and allowed to make our own minds up about topics. I'd much prefer "Check out Rita Ora's new music video (if you want)", rather than a series of lies from a lackey who has been told to write the article.

The whole shameless idea that we can be told who is the 'next big thing' is irritating. I'd much rather that title was earn on merit alone than just a group of powerful people deciding to plug someone. It happened with Suki Waterhouse, out of nowhere she bagged Bradley Cooper and became the new it-girl, plastered over campaigns and parties, she was shoved down our throats and look where she is now that her man has left her? They even started pushing her sister as the next best thing, as if there rich family needed that additional support.

At the end of the day I think the internet and world would be a better place without these sites. If there was some way of blocking them so the youth of today grew up without concerning themselves with it then the world would be a better place. They'd focus on what's real rather than having disillusioned dreams of making it on a reality TVs show and witnessing the hateful side of the internet.