An open letter to Maisie Williams

Subject: An open letter to Maisie Williams
From: JJ
Date: 12 Aug 2015

Ok Maisie, so you might not be my most favourite character in Game of were up there at one point but this last series saw Arya Stark flounder around until her brutal climax of the series. It made me think that the writers had intentionally just messed around with Arya to the point where we honestly wouldn't have expected anything else to happen with her character.

Anyway all this is besides the point! I'm writing this letter as a big shout out to you!! I don't usually take a particular notice of the media when it comes to 'showbiz stars' and 'celebrity news', whilst I understand that people like to get the gossip, there has always been an underlying tone of negativity or falseness that has put me off yet a lot of other people refuse to see.

To those people; please consider that the majority of the people you are looking at are being forced upon you, you are made to like them by their faces and dumb news about them being plastered everywhere because a couple of high-powered people have decided they should be the next big thing because they are friends with their mummy and daddy.

My point is I get awfully tired of being forced fed these perceivably 'strong' and 'successful' women who are essentially bred for it and are content to go along with the status quo in order to appear a specific way and never express a valid or interesting opinion.

That's where you come in! A young talented actor, deserving of their recognition with a fun loving and ballsy attitude, you aren't afraid to speak your mind and I love it.

I'm not denying that sexism in the film and television industry no doubt still exists, thanks to dated female stereotypes still being portrayed and I love that you have spoken out about it. I love your speech about it all being about 'purpose' as opposed to anything else and helping one another.

My girlfriend is a beautiful and successful women and often attends events, when I have gone with her or she's told me about them, there is always an undertone of other women giving her evil stares and being intentionally rude. I think this is because women often resent the success of other women whereas they should be congratulatory and kind, and this is very much how you appear to be. Just as my girlfriend would much rather have a nice conversation with these people than be scowled at, I think you are very much the same!

I love that such maturity is coming from someone who is only 18 and you are a better person that a lot of these girls and guys put together. I hope you maintain your beliefs and don't take any nonsense from anyone about appearances, career choices etc.

Arya Stark might not be my favourite character, but you are one of my favourite actors!