An Open Letter To Kevin Spacey

Subject: An Open Letter To Kevin Spacey
From: Charlotte T.
Date: 13 Aug 2015

Dear Kevin,

As a late comer to the world of theatre I must say that I was truly impressed with your achievements at the Old Vic! There aren't many actors who will take that sort of risk and commit themselves to a project for such a long time. So I must say I (and many others) were very sad to here it has come time for your term to end...but the show must go on and I'm sure your replacement will do a good job.

But where did that leave me? A new fan of yours looking to saturate my 'Spacey' needs with some of your best work. Well the solution wasn't far away and it came in the form of House of Cards. I must admit I was still a late comer to this show as well and having been told that the initial few episodes to the whole first series were pretty slow, it had initially deterred me from really settling down to watch it.

As ever taking the advice of others was a mistake and once I decided to finally watch the first episode I loved it! You are undoubtedly a theatrical actor and it lends itself perfectly to the world of politics! I found the show immediately engaging and couldn't understand why people might refer to it as 'slow', but then I suppose so many people are used to unnecessary action scenes and stunts that a show that is low on all of the above might come as quite a surprise.

One of my most favourite aspects of the show is how your character interacts with the viewer and directly addresses the camera between scenes. It is a great tool that allows us to see the inner workings of his mind whilst he is playing the political game and it makes me smile when it shows the other characters falling for your deceptions hook, line and sinker.

Since starting the show I have since binge watched it and really enjoyed its setting in the political arena, I know sometimes the show runs parallel to events that happen in real life and this is something that the writers of the show have said is just a coincidence but it makes both aspects of the show and real life more interesting.

If the Old Vic made me a fan of yours then House of Cards has only strengthened this opinion and you will no doubt remain one of my favourite stage and film actors. I just hope I get the opportunity to see you come back to the Old Vic!