An Open Letter to Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen

Subject: An Open Letter to Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen
From: A 16 year old Fan on the Other side of the World
Date: 21 Sep 2015

An Open Letter to Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen

Dear Joe and Bryan,

As a long time listener and fan I’d like to write to you both regarding your views on Education and the Economy.

I feel that both of you underestimate the value these institutions have in society and culture as a whole.

We have greater autonomy as individuals than ever before. Unfortunately this can create an attitude dismissive towards institutions playing the roles of cornerstones in civilization.

On both accounts I feel your misguided views come from a disconnect between created value and inherent value.

Ultimately what we all appreciate are good people whose words we can trust.

In the long run Education and Economics reward these attributes. Regardless of technical proficiency or perceived skill, if the people whom you have to communicate to understand where you’re coming from and are happy to follow your line of inquiry or proposal you create value. You create shared value in the form of ethical and trustworthy behavior. This value is perceived by those who appreciate it. Those in high positions appreciate it.

Regardless of short term horseplay, what always comes out at the top is shared value. Value created by humans for humans. Perceivable by humans.

It’s not that Economics is just a numbers game. They’re just indicators for trustworthiness and honestly rewarded work. Value is created relative to other people. We take responsibility for the validity of this value. Others can then use this value to move their pursuits along and forget where they initially got it.

It’s not the act of physically stealing or hacking a bank which is inherently destructive. It’s the destruction of trust that’s deplorable and worthy of punishment. Trust for human expectations now and in the future.

As an outsider looking in on America. It’s obvious America is the most valuable country on Earth. Your ethics and shared culture might at face value not be superior to some other’ countries but then you trump everyone else in the numbers department. Purely with the amount of community spirit and cheer-leading you create value with regards to each other and the world perceives this.

As to Education. Educators are pillars of elementary community. In that they create safe-zones where development plays out. Regardless of the curriculum or SAT scores produced at an institution, Educators value humans on a human level. Good ones are aware of the whole spectrum of experiences. They do not undermine and know by the time someone is around 12 that they deserve an adults respect with regard to their intellectual curiosities.

These are the ideals encapsulated in the American deployment of Education and Economy.

P.S There are always people in the international community who appreciate this.
Who feel a kinship with you. Who live and fight for the ideals you show to the world in their own countries. You lift the entire world up. On Episode of The Kardashians at a time.. :D