An Open Letter to Hollywood

Subject: An Open Letter to Hollywood
From: An Angry Woman
Date: 27 Feb 2017

Okay, now you can get off your high horse.

Since the 2016 election cycle began, you have been up there, passing judgement to the now elected President and his voters. Now, I don’t disagree with you – he is quite rightly, a bawbag. But in this political climate where the victims of bigotry, racism, financial burden, illness and sexual assault are still being suppressed – you award a man the highest achievement in his field. Best Actor in a Leading Role. After shaking your fist and pointing your finger at all that voted for the ‘pussy grabber’, you did the same thing.

You spit on the face of all who marched on January 21 2017 to fight for our voices to be heard.

You spit on the face of all women and men who are victims of sexual assault.

You spit on the face of HIS victims of sexual assault.

Shame on you Liberal Elite, you failed.

Sit down.