An open letter to Freddie Mercury.

Subject: An open letter to Freddie Mercury.
From: Jennie
Date: 25 Nov 2015

Dear Freddie
It's been 19 years today since the world found out about your AIDS. I don't remember the day, nor the day you passed away as I was only 6 years old at that time.
The world has changed a lot through the years since your passing. Mobile phones has become something everyone has now, TV's are flat and in high definition, music is mainly made on computers, computers which are small enough to carry around and they work very fast. People mostly listen to music on something called MP3 player and the device is tiny yet holds a huge storage capacity, you'd easily be able to store all songs ever made by you and Queen in one device.
Pretty much the only thing that hasn't changed much is people's love and passion for you and for Queen. The music you made, the songs you sang, they are timeless! And your voice is still considered the best by many, and I don't think anyone can ever have a better voice than you!
I have been watching music videos of Queen and your solo career on a site called youtube, and that site also has videos of some of your live performances. You were totally amazing on stage Freddie!
I don't think we'll ever see anyone else with the same talent as you had when it comes to music. You were such a natural with everything you did! Your voice is magic, your piano skill is incredible, and your ability to write music just stunning.
I used to take violin lessons when I was younger, I played for little more than 5 years and wasn't too bad at it. I also have some ability to play by ear, but I'm no where near as good as you when it comes to playing by ear.
You're my inspiration! Since I started listening to your magic voice, which is quite recently I'm ashamed to say (what have I been listening to all these years?), it woke something within me! I've decided to take up music in my life again now. I'm about to learn how to really play on my keyboard which has 61 keys, and I'm planning to start learning guitar too, and I want to learn how to control my voice when I sing. My voice is not too bad, I'm just too shy to let it out, and I don't have much control over it and get tired fast. I want to change that!

I'm however sad to say that even if 19 years has passed now, far too many around the world still see homosexuality and bisexuality as something bad or wrong. One would think the world would change after so many years, but no, there's still people who have to hide their true self because the surrounding can't accept what's "different". I'm hetero myself, but I see nothing wrong with bisexuality or homosexuality. Love is love!
I'm also sad to announce that HIV/AIDS still doesn't have a cure even if more is known about it today than when you were alive.
After you passed away, the remaining members of Queen started a fund raising for AIDS awareness in your honor. It's called Mercury Phoenix Trust. They've raised millions through the years, and I'm planning to make an annual donation to the Mercury Phoenix Trust to honor your memory and help others who are in the same situation as you once were.

You were such a strong person Freddie, daring to be yourself to the fullest, being open about who you truly were, yet off stage you managed to keep your private life private and that's just amazing! I really admire you Freddie for all this!

I wish you could still be among us in person, you'd be an older man today, possibly retired from the stage but most likely still making incredible music.

As it is now, you may not be able to be here in person, but in the heart and soul of your family, friends and fans, you live forever and will never be forgotten!

Thank You Freddie for once being among us, sharing your wonderful voice and talent with the world!

I hope you are at peace in Heaven.

Oh, and I hope you like the tribute video I put together for you. But it seems youtube is a bit slow on processing so I'll have to post it for you as soon as it is up.

Yours sincerely.


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