open letter to Fox&Friends

Subject: open letter to Fox&Friends
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 11 Jan 2018

Let me say this fox & friends is nothing more then a gop propaganda with three host that have no interest of doing a real morning show presenting false narrowed stories & claims of facts that hasn't been throughly investigate or reported accurately & fair their purpose is only to report their stories that favor their number one viewer Donald Trump whether it true or not the only thing they care about is pleasing the managment their pockets. You have one host in Steve Doocy who perhaps a sexual harasser Brian Kilmeade Ainsley Earnhardt who such a suck up to Donald Trump as a father figure who would say anything as positive to her daddy dearest trump & Brian Kilmeade who is phony pretend to be somewhat supporter of someone or something & yet when you're not suspected he would trash someone for example Jimmie Kimmel ! The three biggest scumbags liars that ever been on a morning show!