open letter to former professionals athletes who want to get into pro wrestling

Subject: open letter to former professionals athletes who want to get into pro wrestling
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 8 Feb 2021

This is just my viewpoint but to all those hall of famer former professional athletes who want to step into professional wrestling ring Shaquille O'Neal ask yourself why is it you're bore or just want the spotlight the extra cash just asking? Shaquille O'Neal you're a guy doing nba games commercials running your pizza joint etc and you want to get into a square circle coming up in March against Cody Rhodes for what just to get more spotlight percease etc .you're not a professional wrestler nor you have the knowledge or skills perhaps no respect to the ones legends that started the sport/entertainment yes I know you're done some guest referee gigs in the past appear at wrestlemania in a battle royal it doesn't mean sh*t ! You're getting into a wrestling with your female partner against Cody Rhodes and female companion on national television actually performing knowing you have no wrestling knowledge skills to perform against a wrestler of the cablier of Cody Rhodes who was brought up in the wrestling business ! Honestly if you going wrestle something at least wrestle someone your own size if you really want to prove you're tuff instead of pretending to be tuff on t.v with your colleagues on tnt against a guy who is half your size &weight! Personally Shaquille do yourself stick with your NBA analyst job on tnt papa johns' car insurance commercials gig etc pretending to be wannabe wrestler tuff when you know you're soft pizza eating wise guy not in shape to be a wrestler four time nba champion hall of famer stick with the nba just my viewpoint.