An Open Letter To Film Studios And Their superhero Films,

Subject: An Open Letter To Film Studios And Their superhero Films,
From: A true superhero fan
Date: 4 May 2015

To the film studios who create superhero movies,

I love a good superhero movie, and there have been plenty of them over recent years! We all know that the likes of Christopher Nolan's Batman reinvigorated not only the Batman franchise but nearly all other superhero franchises that have ever existed. But the reoccurring question that myself and a lot of fans are asking is whether you can get too much of a good thing and what are you going to do to prevent this?

Why do I write this now? Well with an image just realised of Warner Brother's Suicide Squad in full getup, the internet is alight with excitement. With the addition of Jared Leto to this image of 9 other actors it is fair to say that WB are adopting an all-in approach! Marvel have been using a slow-burner strategy to tease and excite us, whilst WB have been a little late on the trend and as a result are trying to start a tonne of spin-off franchises from one movie.

This makes me question their intentions for these characters and whether they are more concerned with being overshadowed by Marvel than actually trying to release a good film. This doesn't mean I'm not excited for it, but I do have some trepidation in getting my hopes up for what seems to just be a setup up for plenty of other films.

I'm not so much complaining about the constant superhero films (I'm sure I will enjoy them), but rather hoping that you realise that simply releasing a fad superhero movie is no longer enough to grab the public's attention in an already saturated market. Overall there are going to be 40 films from Marvel and DC alone over the next 6 years, one can only hope for their sake that this superhero trend doesn't begin to fade out before then. But the best way to prevent disinterest is to create interest and you can do this by genuinely making good movies!

As a fan I don't just want to see my favourite superheroes brought to the big screen, I want to see them in amazing films with interesting and rich stories. This depth doesn't mean another "gritty" portrayal of a once camp superhero, rather an original adaption that utilises old material.

For instance, I know a lot of people are already dismissing the Fantastic Four remake but I have to admit that I am genuinely interested in the horror aspects of the movie - something that is far from the original movies that were spat out at us and we were expected to lap up.

Do other fans share my concerns and needs to be enticed into heading to my local cinema? Absolutely! I might add that I don't hold superhero movies as a "fad", they have been around for years and are as much a part of cinema as any other genre. So I don't doubt that there will always be a demand for them but I worry we will become disillusioned with them if they are rushed out on an annual basis.

I hope you, as film studios, remember the likes of Catwoman, Elektra and Daredevil, and remember that not only do you have a responsibility to the character but also to the public who have adored and idolised these superheroes from their childhood.


A true superhero fan