An Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres: Thanks for being awesome, Ellen.

Subject: An Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres: Thanks for being awesome, Ellen.
From: Anisha Kabir
Date: 11 Sep 2015

Dear Ellen,

I don't really know where to begin but to simply tell you thank you for being you. You bring out the definition of what everyday people should be: happy, funny, and living life to it fullest. All three of these are probably just a little in site into the kind of person you are. You are definitely one special human being. It has always been a dream of mine to meet you or someday be apart of your show, but let's face it... I'm not musically or artistically talented, a crazy athlete or someone with a huge life story. I guess for now I'll have to deal with the fact that I thought it was the coolest thing to come to Warner Brother's Studio, when I took my trip to California back in May, and be within feet of your studio (and where you park, but shh my tour guide said to keep that a secret!). It broke my heart I wouldn't get to see your show, but it was worth the try. But If I ever did get to meet you I'd thank you for 5 particular things.

1)Thank you for being the upmost positive person ever. It's crazy how you never let a soul rain on your parade and always finding a way to smile or crack a joke out of it. You inspire me and many other's to do the same and radiate that confidence you have.

2) Oh my gosh, you are absolutely hilarious. I don't think there's ever been a time where I've watched your show without crying laughing. You know exactly how to make each interview or segment entertaining for all ages and most importantly don't do the same old gossip talk show. So thank you for that as well.

3) The way you always look for good in people is ridiculous. I absolutely love how when someone comes on your show your don't point out their mistakes but instead you pull the good stuff about them and have a good laugh. I wish more people took this look on people because we're all human and make mistakes. So thank you for showing the world that it's okay to make mistakes but everyone has good in them.

4) Your generosity is out of this world. You're always lending a hand to help anyone and everyone. Whether it's charity, or just treating your fans right, you always know what to do to help. If a charity needs something, you're there. If a fan needs you, you're there even faster. Whatever the case may be, thank you for showing people what it's like to give and not want anything back.

5) Most importantly, thanks for being you Ellen. Your confidence, your humor, your dance moves, and your awesome show. You rock my world, and maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to sit in your audience.

Thanks for being the perfect example and inspiration for what everyday people should be.

Peace & Love,

One of your biggest fans

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